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Doggie Heaven

Posted by Boghound on May 31, 2010

Doggie creche

A British creche has opened its doors to dogs in need of losing weight.

CDPOM World in Bermondsey, south-east London, is offering podgy pooches assistance with shedding the extra pounds in a calming atmosphere through a number of interactive games designed to boost mental stimulation.

The creche’s canine treadmill helps to burn off the puppy fat, while a pianist gently soothes work-out tensions.

CDPOM World’s Anna Webb said: "We offer dogs a rich social and educational experience – much like the best creches offer children."

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All In A Day’s Work

Posted by Boghound on May 30, 2010

Mom gives birth while driving to hospital

A Minnesota mother has given birth to a baby boy while driving herself to the hospital, with the newborn’s father steering the car from the passenger’s seat. The Pioneer of Bemidji said 29-year-old Amanda McBride was rushing to the hospital Wednesday when suddenly her water broke and the baby “just slid out.”

McBride said she was feeling labor pains at work, so she drove to pick up the baby’s father and headed for the hospital. The father, 33-year-old Joseph Phillips, did not drive because he has a history of seizures.

Phillips told the newspaper that McBride yelled at him to take the wheel as she cradled the 8 pound baby boy, Joseph Dominick Phillips.

Officials at North Country Regional Hospital said they were stunned to learn the expectant mother was driving.

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Winning TV!!!

Posted by Boghound on May 29, 2010

One in ten ‘would pick TV over partner’

Around one in ten Britons love television more than their partner, a new study has revealed.

The survey showed that 13% of people would rather dump their significant other than throw out their TV set for good, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Meanwhile, over half of those questioned (51%) admitted that television programmes were an integral part of their lives and something they would not be able to live without.

Others confessed to finding TV shows comforting and relaxing – 11% said that they felt safer with the television on, while 35% confirmed that they switch on their sets when they cannot sleep.

The research was carried out by QVC to mark the launch of its involvement in ITV1’s late-night teleshopping slot The Zone.

Speaking of the results, QVC’s marketing director Sue Leeson commented: ”Brits have always loved the TV and the wealth of entertainment it provides.

Whether it’s for education, fun or shopping, TV has become a part of the family.”

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Massage Novice

Posted by Boghound on May 28, 2010

Nuns set up massage service

A group of nuns have set up a massage service as a new way of making ends meet after their chicken breeding business fell flat.

The sisters at Marienkron Abbey in Monchhof, Austria, are reportedly making a fortune after converting their convent into a health spa.

The five star spa offers therapies with high pressure jets of mineral water, massage, and fitness classes with an expert chi kung Chinese breathing exercises.

Guests are pummeled with high pressure hoses of chilled mineral waters to stimulate the skin.

The Sisters of the Cistercian Order say the ice cold water treatments are good for the body and the soul and charge £100 a night for a break in the spa.

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Buzz Beed

Posted by Boghound on May 27, 2010

Thousands of bees cling to Michigan SUV

A beekeeper came to the rescue after a sport utility vehicle was swarmed by thousands of bees. Tanya Young of Hudsonville told The Grand Rapids Press her husband called Thursday to let her know that the bees had made the front bumper of her Honda their new home. She said she thought it was a joke.

The bees rattled the nerves of some neighborhood residents, who kept children indoors and shut windows. The bees had been living in a nearby tree, but it’s unclear why they decided to swarm the SUV.

Beekeeper Jim Zoerner was called to help collect them. He and a colleague worked for about an hour and collected the bees in a wooden box hive.

Zoerner said there were no reports of bad stings.

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Mail It!!

Posted by Boghound on May 25, 2010


20K pieces of mail end up in Pa. carrier’s garage

The United State Postal Service has recovered approximately 20,000 pieces of mail – some of them more than a decade old – from a Philadelphia postal carrier’s garage.

Special Agent Scott Balfour says it took three mail trucks to remove the letters. The carrier worked in the city’s Bustleton neighborhood.

Balfour says some of the mail dates back to 1997.

Postal officials say they recovered the mail on April 28 and it was being delivered to customers this week.

Balfour wouldn’t comment on what prompted the investigation but says the carrier hadn’t been to work since February.

Postal officials haven’t identified the carrier. Balfour says they’re still trying to find the man so they can question him.


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Let Them Go Free!!

Posted by Boghound on May 24, 2010

Mall slammed over bra contest

A shopping centre has been slammed for staging a competition to see how quickly contestants could unhook women’s bras with one hand.

Anyone who could undo eight bras with one hand in under a minute won a shopping voucher to spend at the mall in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China.

Eight women stood in a line on a stage, wearing only a bra and a face mask above the waist, for the event, reports the Guangzhou Daily.

Some of the watching crowd clapped and cheered as contestants successfully unfastened bras – but others were shocked by the event.

One angry shopper, Zhang Zhengyi, complained: “This must have been the brainwave of a dirty old man – why would anyone want to take part in such a degrading spectacle?”

But a spokesman for the Modern Development shopping mall defended the competition which he said was to promote underwear awareness.

“The workings of a women’s bra are a mystery for many men – this activity helped more people understand bra culture and explore its secrets,” he said.

Ironically, the competition was won by a woman who successfully unfastened eight bras in just 21 seconds.

She did not wish to be identified but said: “I thought it was a lot of fun. I didn’t expect to win – maybe it was because I get so much practice in my everyday life.”

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Caught on the Hop

Posted by Boghound on May 23, 2010

Amorous Aussie roo has outback residents hopping

An amorous kangaroo in the mood for love has female joggers hopping mad in the Honeymoon Ranges of Australia’s outback Northern Territory, prompting a flood of angry calls to authorities.

Territory police said Friday they had received reports of the kangaroo stalking residents in the ranges near the township of Tennant Creek, including a woman on her morning walk.

“There was no doubt about what he wanted, the randy old thing,” the woman told local papers. “I turned around and saw this big kangaroo behind me, so I hastened my steps,” she said.

The woman said the obviously aroused animal bounded off when other walkers approached and she sought to escape.

Later that day a mother-of-three encountered the aroused kangaroo at a night-time speedway meeting, while a man said he challenged the intimidating macropod and came off second best, receiving a swift punch in response.

Northern Territory police told Reuters they were not pursuing the salacious mammal unless it continued to cause trouble.

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It’s A Zoo In Here!

Posted by Boghound on May 22, 2010

Police discover snakes, alligators and spiders in house

Police called to a house in Milwaukee were surprised to discover that it was filled with hundreds of reptiles including alligators and anacondas, as well as rodents, and spiders.

Police were originally called to the house to investigate a report of an alleged sexual assault, but upon arriving discovered the menagerie, both in the house and in a nearby building that doubled as a residence and a storage facility.

Among the animals discovered were at least five anacondas between 20 and 30 feet long, alligators, spiders and one chicken (who was presumably feeling rather nervous).

Some of the animals were in containers, while others were roaming freely.

Police needed the help of an animal control unit and staff from a nearby zoo to round up all the animals. A 50-year-old woman was arrested, and could face charges.

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Taking A Nap

Posted by Boghound on May 21, 2010

Man sleeping in trash bin nearly crushed

Police in northern Indiana said a man who was apparently sleeping inside a large trash bin narrowly missed being crushed by a garbage truck. Police Lt. Ed Windbigler said an Elkhart Truth newspaper carrier spotted the 42-year-old man on top of the garbage truck about 4 a.m. Thursday and yelling for it to stop. Windbigler said the man fell to the pavement before emergency crews arrived and underwent surgery for injuries that included a possibly lacerated liver and spleen.

Windbigler said the truck’s driver had compacted its load just before dumping the bin holding the man or he likely would have been crushed.

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