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A Cup Of Tea??

Posted by Boghound on June 30, 2010

I’ve plotted my life with 32,000 teabags

So, while others have drawers full of written reminiscences, this 44-year-old has old suitcases stuffed with more than 32,000 used bags.

‘I love drinking tea and I save the teabags because it’s a way of marking the days – it’s better than a diary,’ she said.

The mother of three has perfected her tea-related logging technique over the past 11 years. First, she has her cuppa then dabs the used bag on some paper.

She then numbers the bag and sometimes notes down who she drank the tea with and anything interesting they discussed.

She then dries the tea bag in the sunshine or on a radiator before storing it in one of her three large suitcases.

‘They do smell a bit but I find it quite comforting. Sometimes friends think it’s a bit weird or eccentric and my kids just say, “It’s mum and her tea”,’ said the PhD student from Portsmouth.

She even fishes teabags out of the bin to put in a special box she carries if she is enjoying a cup with a friend who is unaware of her craving.

Ms Gaal-Holmes said she sees tea-drinking as a ritual and usually drinks between six and ten cups a day.

‘Sometimes at night I can’t wait to get up in the morning because I am so looking forward to that first cup of tea,’ she said.

‘I like good strong tea with milk – like English Breakfast or Assam and occasionally Earl Grey. Ideally I will make it in a pot, have it in my special cup and dip chocolate in it,’ she added.

Ms Gaal-Holmes – whose favourite quote is by T’ien Yiheng and reads: ‘Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world’ – has put a case of her bags on display at Portsmouth’s Eldon Gallery.

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Suck It Up!!

Posted by Boghound on June 29, 2010

NY vacuum salesmen charged with damaging mattress

Two vacuum salesmen didn’t exactly close the deal at a recent home demonstration in central New York. State police charged the Syracuse men with a misdemeanor after a $1,300 Sealy latex foam mattress was damaged. Trooper Andy Davis said the damage occurred during a demonstration Monday at a home in Richfield Springs. Davis wouldn’t elaborate on what was done to the mattress.

Davis said the men were both at the home when police arrived and were trying to save the situation. They were charged with reckless endangerment of property.

The mattress owner is looking for reimbursement.

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Lonely ???

Posted by Boghound on June 28, 2010

91-Year-old Woman Digs Up Dead Husband And Sister

AT the Wyalusing Township, Pennsylvania, 91-year-old Jean Stevens is accused of digging up two relatives (both dead) and putting them in her house.

One body, believed to be Stevens’ late husband, Jimmy Stevens, was in the spare bedroom. The other body, believed to that of her twin sister, June, was in the garage rolled up in a rug.

Jimmy died on May 21, 1999. He was buried in cemetery. June died on Oct. 3, 2009, and buried on Steven’s estate.

That’s right – a 90-year-old woman dug up a body, schlepped it to her home and rolled it up in a rug. Whatever she’s on might not be good for the brain but the muscles… You should see the muscles.

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Posted by Boghound on June 27, 2010

Chewed-up letters stick dog’s jaws together

Toby the Jack Russell loves tearing open the post – but bit off more than he could chew when the mashed paper and glue sealed his jaws shut.

His owner, Gill Bird, returned home to find her mischievous pet could not open his mouth to eat.

‘He was drooling. I thought it was strange. All this paper was mashed around his teeth. It was absolutely stuck,’ she said.

She tried to prise open his jaws without luck and ended up taking Toby to the vet, who had to sedate him before picking away at the sticky mess.

The saga began when Ms Bird was out when the post arrived, leaving Toby to chew away to his heart’s delight.

‘Toby likes to attack the post. When we hear the letter box go we have to run,’ said Ms Bird, 41.

But this time things were different. ‘I came home with some fish and chips for lunch. I went to give him a chip and wondered why he wouldn’t take it,’ added Ms Bird, from Lee-on-the- Solent, Hampshire.

‘He had bubbles and saliva coming out of his mouth and he had a strange look on his face. It’s just really bizarre. I can’t help but laugh.’

Before long, the clamped dog was taken to vet Ian Wooding in nearby Stubbington. He described it as a ‘very unusual case’.

He said: ‘At first I thought I’d get his mouth open without a problem – but I soon realised it wasn’t budging.

‘We tried to scrape some of it out but the dog was getting quite worked up. He was growling and I think he would have bitten me if he’d been able to.

‘We decided to sedate him but even then it took the nurse and I a good ten minutes to scrape all the paper out of his teeth.’

Toby returned home a few hours after the sedation wore off, fit and well.

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19th Hole??

Posted by Boghound on June 26, 2010

Golfer crashes cart, fails breathalyzer

Police have charged a golfer who failed a breathalyzer test after a golf cart crashed through a bridge railing and into a creek.

Lambton OPP said they were called to the Bonnie Doone Golf Course to investigate the crash Saturday around 4:30 p.m.

An officer said the driver and a passenger suffered minor injuries but the cart was destroyed.

The officer demanded a roadside breathalyzer test which registered a "fail."

Subsequent breath test confirmed the 26-year-old golfer had more than the legal limit of alcohol in his system while driving the cart.

He is to appear in court in September.

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A Merit Badge?

Posted by Boghound on June 25, 2010

Thief steals items from trailer, but cleans up

Whoever stole an Ohio trailer filled with scouting equipment deserves a merit badge for neatness. A tip to police near Canton led officers to the trailer on Thursday. Less than $300 worth of equipment was missing from inside, and otherwise things were shipshape, with items neatly stacked and organized.

Scoutmaster James Martens of Boy Scout Troop 10 calls it "the neatest-looking, rifled-through trailer" he’s ever seen.

The stolen items included paper towels, toilet paper, aluminum foil, a First Aid kit and a tool kit. The scouts have gotten offers of help to replace the stuff.

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Posted by Boghound on June 24, 2010

Man jumps onto semi as bet, then calls 911

Police say a man called 911 from the back of a moving tractor-trailer after he jumped onto the truck on a dare from friends, then traveled about 10 miles on an Ohio highway. In the call early Friday, 24-year-old Brandon Farmer tells a Fayette County dispatcher that it was a stupid idea and that he’s "holding on for dear life" on U.S. route 22 near Sabina, about 50 miles southwest of Columbus.

The Washington Court House man says he jumped onto the semitrailer as "kind of a joke" when it was stopped at a red light.

A Sabina police officer pulled over the truck and spotted Farmer still clinging to the back. The driver was unaware of the extra cargo onboard.

Sheriff Vernon Stanforth says Farmer had been drinking at the time and was charged with disorderly conduct.

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Americans Doh!!!!!

Posted by Boghound on June 23, 2010

Mannequin mistaken for mummy in abandoned boat

A reported "mummified" body on an abandoned boat in the Florida Keys turned out to be a mannequin. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says a young couple spotted what they thought was a dead body in an abandoned boat off Sugarloaf Key on Saturday night. They said it appeared to be mummified.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sent a boat to take deputies to the scene. They found only a mannequin on the boat – no human remains were on board.

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Always Has To Be One Bigger!!

Posted by Boghound on June 22, 2010

Giant vuvuzela waits for council go-ahead to toot

A giant vuvuzela on an unfinished fly-over in Cape Town fitted with a lorry horn has yet to sound a note during the World Cup after its operators clashed with city authorities over noise levels.

Motor company Hyundai, which installed the 35-metre-long blue vuvuzela whose horn mechanism is activated by SMS, said authorities considered the sound so loud during tests it could disrupt passing traffic.

"At first we were hoping to sound it at the start of every match but now we’ve made a new application for approval for more limited use," said Francois Marais, a spokesman for Hyundai.

The vuvuzela could be used at least to celebrate any goals scored by South Africa during their last Group A game against France on June 22, he added.

Cape Town city authorities were not immediately available for comment.

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Woof Woof

Posted by Boghound on June 21, 2010

Dog painting

A craze for painting dogs as other animals has begun in China.

A number of painted pooches were on display at a zoo in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou in the Henan Province, including a stripy tiger and a number of cute baby pandas.

It is not the first time a craze for painted and decorated dogs has emerged – in the US, the animals have previously been turned into action heroes the Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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