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Where’s There A Will!!

Posted by Boghound on November 30, 2010

Handcuffed man steals car

A handcuffed US man managed to escape from police by stealing their car and driving off with his knees.

Jose Rodriguez, 27, was arrested in connection with a shooting in the Bronx area of New York earlier this month, as well as for drunk driving and absconding on his parole responsibilities after police stopped his car in the nearby New Jersey.

The officers had Jose shackled his legs and placed him in the back seat of their unmarked car. As the officers searched his vehicle – finding a gun – Jose climbed into the front of their car and drove off, while still handcuffed.

The car was found with damage indicating Jose had crashed around five miles away. The assailant was captured the following day in Connecticut

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Posted by Boghound on November 29, 2010

Students complain about no ketchup, mustard

French fries, corn dogs and chicken tenders go unadorned

Students at Memphis City Schools are complaining there’s no ketchup. No mustard, either. Calvin Jones, the interim head of food services, said the schools have plenty of bulk condiments, but not enough cafeteria workers to squirt them into little plastic cups. The schools are asking for individual packs.

The Commercial Appeal reported the school board approved $77,514 to buy little fast-food packs of ketchup and hopes to have it in the lunch lines next week.

In the meantime, French fries, corn dogs and chicken tenders go unadorned, unless students opt for hot sauce, barbecue sauce or mayonnaise.
Mitchell High School student Justin Pearson told the newspaper students were lunching on chicken sandwiches and fries with no ketchup – and no explanation.

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Tattoo You!!

Posted by Boghound on November 28, 2010

Rolling Stones tattoo too wild for pony

A German court has ruled that tattooing a pony with the Rolling Stones’ famous tongue logo would infringe animal rights law.

The court in Muenster, north-western Germany, found against the white pony’s owner, who wanted to tattoo the animal’s right hind thigh to make it "more uniquely beautiful".


He had already shaved a large portion of hair from the animal and pre-tattooed the outline of the tongue, 15 square centimetres in area.

"The tattooing of a warm-blooded vertebrate contravenes animal protection laws," the court said.

"This forbids causing an animal pain without reason."

In addition, the court took into account the inability of the animal to understand why it was being tattooed.

The court also said the owner’s desire to "beautify" the pony masked a more commercial purpose.

"He wanted to make money from a ‘tattoo service for animals’," the court said.

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A Bum Job??

Posted by Boghound on November 26, 2010

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Posted by Boghound on November 25, 2010

Man charged with eat and run at top restaurants

An unemployed man has been charged with wining and dining at a series of London’s top restaurants, running up massive bills and then disappearing without paying, police said .

Latvian Janis Nords, 27, is accused of carrying out the scam on three occasions between October 14 and November 15.

He is accused of running off after amassing a 349-pound bill at the Glass House restaurant in Richmond, southwest London, and a 965-pound bill at the Connaught Hotel in central London.

The largest unpaid bill was at L’Oranger French restaurant in central London where he is accused of failing to pay for 1,021 pounds worth of food and drink.

Nords was due to appear in court.

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Tit’s Up!!

Posted by Boghound on November 24, 2010

Female topless ballot question fails in Mass. city

Voters in a western Massachusetts city have decided not to lose their shirts over at least one ballot question. Pittsfield voters soundly rejected on Tuesday a measure pushing for women to be allowed to walk around town topless.

The nonbinding question, which was only on the ballot in Pittsfield’s 3rd Berkshire District, urged that district’s state representative to introduce legislation amending the state’s nudity definition.

Under the proposal, females of any age would be allowed be unclothed from the waist up in public anywhere males are allowed to be similarly undressed.

Denise Yon told The Berkshire Eagle she voted no because of her 12-year-old daughter. Around 70 percent also voted against the measure.

Katherine Gundelfinger, who spearheaded the signatures for the question, declined to comment.

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Early Bath!!

Posted by Boghound on November 23, 2010

Runaway buffalo found in neighbour’s pool

Chris Nonnemaker and his wife, who are from Georgia, discovered the beast after going outside to inspect their pool after spotting two holes in the protective sheet, which was moving around.

The couple got the shock of their lives, however, when they realised that underneath was a buffalo – which had mysteriously disappeared two weeks earlier.

The Nonnemakers’ neighbours had kept three buffalo on their property, but all three had escaped earlier this month.

Two were found shortly after the escape, but the third had not turned up – until it was found in the pool.

The emergency services were called and helped extracate the animal using a series of ropes.

However, the story did not have such a happy ending after it emerged that the owners had decided to have the buffalo put down for safety reasons.

Mr Nonnemaker said: ‘It is sad but this cow had a history of getting out so the owner did not want anyone to get hurt.

‘He decided to put her down.’

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Clumsy Again!!

Posted by Boghound on November 22, 2010

Oops: Accused  bank robber dropped wallet

Investigators knew a man accused of stealing $6,000 from a Florida Panhandle bank didn’t stuff the cash in his wallet. That’s because he somehow left it there, making it easy for authorities to find him.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office says the 26-year-old robber brandished a handgun at Destin’s Union State Bank on Thursday, ordering the employees to the floor. Deputies say he fled with $6,000.

While investigators searched the bank, a witness found a wallet nearby. Investigators showed the ID photo to bank employees, who thought it might be the robber.

Deputies searched the man’s house and say they found cash and a gun that appeared to be the one used by the robber.

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It Was A Hard Night!!

Posted by Boghound on November 21, 2010

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An “Off-Day”???

Posted by Boghound on November 20, 2010

Customer gets ‘F**k You’ receipt.

The customer didn’t make a whopping order, but that surely doesn’t excuse the rude receipt.

In total, he spent $9.22 on a Double Whopper with cheese, onion rings and a small drink in the outlet in Sacramento, California.

To make matters worse, when the red-faced Perez pointed out the profanity to the worker who gave it to him, he just laughed.

It must have been confusing, because Perez certainly wasn’t aware of any beef that the employee had with him.

Burger King HQ clearly agreed that the message was a flaming insult, because heads rolled without any further ado

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