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Posted by Boghound on May 4, 2010

Netball team stuck in lift for 2.5 hours

Members of an under-16 netball team had to be given oxygen when they got stuck in a lift shortly after a match.

Eight players in the St Austell team became trapped between floors for two-and-a-half hours at their hotel in Manchester, Western Morning News reports.

Coach Jean Davis said: “The girls had been playing all day and thought they would have an ice bath.

“Eight of them got into the lift to go to the spa and about a minute later we heard an alarm going off – then we heard the girls shouting.”

She added: “The lift had got stuck between floors and the management called for an engineer but he was an hour away on the motorway, so we waited and waited.

“The lift was not a big space and it was getting hot in there. We could pass the girls drinks through a gap but in the end we insisted they call the fire brigade.”

The fire services were unable to free the girls but provided oxygen before their rescue when the engineer arrived.

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