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Not Another?

Posted by Boghound on September 30, 2011

Australian Entertainment Industry Called Piracy Main Enemy

An outfit named Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF) is an organization engaged in fighting file-sharing. This outfit has recently commissioned a new research in order to demonstrate the only indicator: how much online piracy is hurting movie and television industry.

The survey revealed that 55% of the respondents said they did download copyrighted material from different file-sharing networks, including BitTorrent trackers. Meanwhile, the chief executive officer of Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation pointed out that public actually loves their entertainment, because people are seen to participate very actively in downloading content like films and TV shows. However, they don’t see any boundaries, let alone responsibilities, and they are also opportunistic, taking it any way they are able to.

The report came as no surprise, because such kind of researches always involves dramatic figures in order to justify eventual future draconian measures. For instance, a report published by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) claimed that online piracy of entertainment content is responsible for losses of $1.37 billion to the economy of Australia. In addition, unauthorized file-sharing can also be blamed for resulting in the loss of over 6,000 jobs annually. The results of the report in question also claimed that approximately 90 million pirated copies of films have been shared through peer-to-peer networks within the specified period. Although a lot of industry observers are sure that the results of such researches are usually fraudulent, the governments take it seriously and pass new pro-copyright laws violating basic human rights in favor of multinational corporations.

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Is That With Fries?

Posted by Boghound on September 29, 2011

Burger thief suspect gets stuck

A man is suspected of burglary after he was found stuck in an air conditioning vent at a burger restaurant.

A burglary suspect has got stuck in an air conditioning vent when reportedly trying to steal from a burger restaurant.

The man from Cleveland, US, was caught in the act when he was discovered hanging out of the vent at Burger Haven on Broadway Avenue – and he is thought to have been trying to gain access to the establishment.

George Nakhle, owner of the restaurant, said: "They ripped it off and got halfway in the store and they couldn’t go anywhere else. So he was just hanging there.

"I mean, that’s hilarious to me. Wouldn’t you feel the same way? That’s funny."

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Eat Up or Else!!

Posted by Boghound on September 28, 2011


Restaurant fines diners for leftovers

A Saudi restaurant has started fining diners if they order more than they can eat.

Fahad Al Anezi, owner of the Marmar Restaurant in the city of Dammam, said he wanted to avoid wasting food.

He also wanted to encourage customers to be less extravagant with their orders, reports Gulf News.

"There are many clients who make large orders in order to impress the people around them and boost their social prestige," he said.

Diners were made to pay an extra charge which was decided depending on how much food they left, he added.

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Posted by Boghound on September 27, 2011

Drinks firm trademarks F-word

A German drinks company has won a court battle to register the F-word as a trademark.

Liquor manufacturer EFAG will now enjoy legal protection of the brand name of its ‘Ficken’ schnapps.

Drinkers in Germany might feel a little embarrassed about asking for the drink – it is named after the German word for "f***."

But the manufacturer can take solace in the fact that the brand name is now legally protected.

EFAG took the case to Germany’s Federal Patent Court after officials refused to register the name as a trademark, arguing that it was socially offensive.

Following its legal victory, EFAG now owns the ‘Ficken’ trademark for clothing, mineral water and fruit drinks, as well as alcoholic drinks.

In its ruling, the court explained that, although the name was unquestionably in poor taste, it was not "sexually discriminatory" and did not violate public morals.

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Donkey or Zebra?

Posted by Boghound on September 26, 2011

Sussex Donkey Painted To Look Like A Zebra

THE donkey at the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust centre in Hempstead Lane, Uckfield, is sporting a black and white coat of paint. 

A spokeswoman for the trust says the people who spray painted the creature are “cruel”.
Sussex Police say:

“The report was made by the owner at a farm in Hempstead lane, Uckfield, on 15 September, that one of their donkeys has been spray-painted. A second donkey was also found to have paint on it. Neighbourhood policing officers are making inquiries.”

If you see a chicken with a can of paint, call the police…

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Look Out!!

Posted by Boghound on September 25, 2011

Six tonne satellite falling to Earth, could land anywhere

Space experts from Nasa say they expect a dead satellite to fall to Earth in about a week.

Nasa has been watching the six tonne satellite closely.

Officials yesterday moved up their prediction for its arrival to Friday, September 23, give or take a day.

Nasa scientists have calculated the satellite will break into 26 pieces as it gets closer to Earth.

The odds of it hitting someone anywhere on the planet are one in 3,200.

The heaviest piece to hit the ground will be about 159kgs (350 pounds) but no one has ever been hit by falling space junk in the past.

Nasa expects to give the public more detailed information early next week. For now, all continents except Antarctica could be hit by satellite debris.

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Onion Soup Perhaps?

Posted by Boghound on September 24, 2011

British pensioner grows world’s heaviest onion

Britain has won an eye-watering world title after gardener Peter Glazebrook set a new record for the heaviest ever onion

The pensioner, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, smashed John Sifford’s 2005 record of 16lb 8.37oz with his 17lb 15.5oz specimen at the Harrogate Flower Show.

Mr Glazebrook, who has grown several past prize-winners, was thrilled to have finally won the coveted title.

“Obviously I am over the moon," said the 67-year-old. “Winning these competitions is great, but in the vegetable growing world, the heaviest onion title is the one to have.”

The former chartered surveyor picked up £500 for winning first prize at the show, and a further £1,000 for setting the new world record.

He currently holds three other world records – heaviest potato, heaviest parsnip, and longest beetroot.

Mr Glazebrook admitted a lot of care and attention went into cultivating his giant onion, but insisted there was no secret to his success which he put down to the widely-available John Innes No 3 Plant Compost and fertilizers.

He added: “I have had more success with my onions over the past four years, and have spent more money doing it scientifically, getting the right light and temperature.”

There were no other world records set at this weekend’s show, but there were still some impressive entries.

Jimmy Reid from Gilling West in North Yorkshire was showing off his huge marrow, which at 107lb 6oz was heavier than many female celebrities.

A 65lb 2oz cabbage was so large that it had to be pushed in a wheelbarrow, while the heaviest potato was similar to the weight of a baby at 6lb 10oz.

The longest cucumber entered was a lengthy 32.5in, with a runner bean winning its category at 31in.

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Dig Those Cows!!

Posted by Boghound on September 23, 2011

Even French cattle have a fondness for jazz

It’s common knowledge that the French like Jerry Lewis and jazz. Now there’s proof that French cows share that taste in music. A Utah-based jazz band stopped to entertain a bovine audience in Autrans, France — and caught the attention of the entire herd.

Fortunately for the musicians, the cows proved to be a friendly and respectful crowd. (No word yet on which comedians French cows prefer.)

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A Fishing Trip!!

Posted by Boghound on September 22, 2011

Tourist complains about sight of fish in harbour

Most holiday makers taking a stroll around a working harbour might expect to see the odd fish.

But when David Copp came across a fishing trawler moored in Ilfracombe Harbour he took great offence and complained about the “disgusting” smell.

The 46-year-old was outraged that his children, aged seven and nine, had been forced to endure the sight of 12 crates of dead fish and crabs, piled up on the quayside.

He said the ordeal had left them “quite distressed” and demanded to know why the harbourmaster was not more considerate to tourists.

“There were flies flying around and the smell was awful,” he said. “The ship was just sat there not doing anything, and there were 12 crates of dead crabs and fish just lying there covered in flies.

“It’s not the sort of thing you want to see on holiday, there was a real stench.

“My children were quite distressed by it. These people should be a bit more considerate to the holidaymakers."

Mr Copp called Ilfracombe harbourmaster Rob Lawson to complain about the smell that had emanated from The Lady of Lundy trawler before calling the North Devon Journal to air his woes.

Mr Lawson tried to explain that fishermen depended on the daily catch for their livelihoods and that it was a common site on a working quayside.

“He was very upset that he had come across the boxes of fish and thought it was entirely inappropriate and not a good sight or smell,” he said.

“I explained the workings of the harbour and that it was a working quay and that while it was not ideal, sometimes this happened.

“But he didn’t calm down, he went to the local newspaper and then when they printed his complaints, he came back to me to see what I had to say.”

Mr Lawson admitted that it was quite unusual to have a working harbour with public access.

But he added: “This is generally considered an asset because visitors can get a really good feel for how the industry works, they can enjoy the whole experience.

"I told this chap that you shouldn’t take your children to a harbour if that is how they react to dead fish."

Mr Copp is understood to have been on a two-week family holiday in the popular north Devon tourist resort when he lodged his complaint, which attracted disbelief from locals.

One said: “Ridiculous. Does he think all his food comes in packets? What did he expect to see at a working harbour?”

Tony Rutherford, the managing director of Bideford Fisheries said "Seeing us in action is often considered a tourist attraction in these parts."

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Real “True Blood”!!

Posted by Boghound on September 21, 2011

Florida woman bites elderly man in "vampire" attack

A Florida woman who allegedly claimed to be a vampire has been charged with battery after violently biting a man in a wheelchair on his face and arms, police said on Friday.

Milton Ellis, 69, told police in St. Petersburg, Florida, that he and Josephine Smith, 22, met on the street and went to the porch of a vacant restaurant to get out of the rain. He said he fell asleep in his motorized wheelchair and woke up to find Smith on top of him.

Ellis told authorities that she said, "I’m a vampire. I am going to eat you" and then began to bite him.

According to a police affidavit, Ellis was bitten on his arm and lips, leaving him bloody before he was able to escape and call police. He was later treated with stitches at a local hospital and released.

After arriving at the scene, police said they found Smith bloody and half-naked nearby, but that she had no memory of what happened and did not identify herself as a vampire, St. Petersburg Police spokesman Mike Puetz said.

Smith, who was arrested early on Thursday, is currently being held in detention with bail set at $50,000 (31,466 pounds).

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