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Hip-Hop Horse Trials

Posted by Boghound on December 31, 2011


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The Ultimate Busker?

Posted by Boghound on December 30, 2011

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Fight Me?

Posted by Boghound on December 29, 2011

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An Irish Solution?

Posted by Boghound on December 28, 2011

Ireland Will Implement Website Blocking

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner has ordered a halt on the “three-strikes” regime because of its conflicts with privacy policies and the failure of the country’s Internet service provider Eircom to properly apply the “graduate response system”.

The issue dates back to 2009, when the Irish Recorded Music Association had reached an agreement with one of the largest ISPs in the country on the issues of unauthorized file-sharing. Under this agreement, the ISP, supervised by the outfit members (EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner), had to introduce the graduated response system.

A year ago, Eircom promised that it would be proceeding with implementation of the protocol which might lead to the suspension and ultimately disconnection of Internet service for those subscribers who deliberately and persistently violate copyright legislation.

Nevertheless, something went wrong when the ISP sent 300 notification letters to the wrong people. This failure wasn’t taken easy by the country’s Data Protection Commissioner that launched an investigation to establish the legality of the “three-strikes” regime. A report was released, saying that the authorities have decided to put a halt to the practice.

The industry experts agree that today both the courts and the official Data Protection Commissioner are starting to understand the fundamental right of users to access the web, and not to be tracked while doing so. Despite the fact that things looked bleak for the entertainment industry, one more report was released recently, revealing that website blocking can be considered as an alternative solution.

According to the local media, Seán Sherlock (Minister of State for Enterprise) is going to publish an order early next year which will allow copyright owners, after obtaining a court order, to deny access to violating services with the help of broadband providers. However, it is still unclear which websites will be classified as infringing.

The decision of the minister was mainly influenced by EMI’s threats to sue Ireland if it fails to find a feasible solution against digital piracy. In response, the Department of Enterprise, Innovation and Jobs said to EMI that the order is expected to be published and applied as law in January 2012.

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What A French Stink!!!!

Posted by Boghound on December 27, 2011

Chanel Ordered Domain Seizures

During the fight against sites trafficking in counterfeit luxury products Chanel somehow managed to convince the court that it should have the authority to seize as many as 700 domain names.

The perfume overlord has filed a joint lawsuit in Nevada against almost 200 domain names that turned out to have nearly nothing in common. As a result, the court allowed the company to take them down. Moreover, it also allows Chanel to add new names to the list and seize them as well.

In fact, the court order allows the company to take control of any online location without even having to prove anything. In other words, no site identified by Chanel has a right of appeal. The services won’t be allowed to contest it either. Meanwhile, the standard of evidence that the company has needed thus far has been top of the range. Chanel hired a Nevada investigator to order from 3 of the 228 websites in question. After the orders had arrived, they were reviewed by the company’s official and declared counterfeit, while the rest of the sites were closed down on the say so of the company’s anti-counterfeiting specialist surfing the Internet.

Local judge ruled that evidence was enough and ordered the domain names seized and transferred to GoDaddy. There the domain will redirect to a page with a seizure notice. In addition, the judge ordered search engine indexing, which neither Google nor Bing have complied with so far. Still, it seems that the court didn’t realize that the websites may even be registered outside the United States, thus making a ban worldwide. Indeed, it turned out that the list of offending domains contains – a domain registered in Germany.

Although Germany didn’t hand over sovereignty (except for a bunch of war criminals that helped put the United States onto the moon) and the German registrar hasn’t yet complied with the American court order, it still might be possible. As you might remember, the government of the United States has made similar domain name seizures during “Operation In Our Sites” campaign. That time they seized domains both from the US and abroad.

American attorney have already pointed out that if someone could appeal the court decision in any other place, they’d certainly win. However, no average German website would manage to defend itself in the Texas court. Worse still, copyright owners have asked the Congress to write provisions into legislation that allows them to carry out similar events legally.

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When You have To Go!!!!!

Posted by Boghound on December 26, 2011

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Posted by Boghound on December 25, 2011

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Xmas Airways!!

Posted by Boghound on December 24, 2011

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Posted by Boghound on December 23, 2011

Police charge man over suitcase of cash left in cafe

A man who left a suitcase stuffed with nearly A$1 million (626,112 pounds) in cash in a Sydney cafe, and was then found dazed and sitting in the rain, has been charged with a number of offences, police said on Friday.

Staff at the cafe in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Burwood noticed the unattended suitcase early on Tuesday after the man came into the cafe but then became nervous and left.

To their surprise the suitcase contained almost A$1 million in cash. Local media said the money ranged from A$100 notes to A$5 notes, bundled into various amounts.

A few hours later police found a 49-year-old man in a dazed condition, sitting in the rain wearing a yellow singlet, surf shorts and red flip-flop sandals.

Police allege he assaulted three officers shortly after he was taken into custody.

The man was then taken to hospital for treatment. He was returned to police custody on Thursday, when he was charged with dealing with the proceeds of crime, assaulting police and two other charges.

This was the second time this year that bags stuffed with large amounts of cash have been left unattended in Sydney.

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Honest…It Was A Ghost!!

Posted by Boghound on December 22, 2011

Thief suspect pins blame on ‘ghost’

A man suspected of theft has blamed a ghost for the crimes.

Joseph Hughes from Mount Gilead, Ohio was accused of stealing a generator, a welder and 12 air conditioning units from the sheriff’s office in Morrow County.

The stolen items were found in the ex-police officer’s basement.

Hughes told the court: "It’s going to sound kind of ridiculous, but we believed that there was some paranormal presence in the basement.

"It sounds kind of ridiculous, but there was evidence to support it."

The prosecutor responded: "I’ve been practising since 1983, and I can say that’s the first time I’ve heard of paranormal activity in the course of a trial."

Hughes was found guilty of 18 charges.

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