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All In The Mind??

Posted by Boghound on October 31, 2010

Woman kicked out of church over ad

The star of an erectile dysfunction awareness commercial in Australia has been kicked out of her church until the ad comes off air.

Libby Ashby told Melbourne-based radio station 3AW she had been "disfellowshipped" from her local congregation after appearing in the ad.

In the cheesy ad, she uses her screen husband’s penis for a leg up to reach a biscuit from a high shelf while a voiceover says: "Take the right step towards erection problems."

"They have said I would not be reinstated until the ad comes off the air," Ashby said, while not identifying which church she attends.

Ashby, a single mother, said she knew when she was filming the AMI ad that it was in poor taste.

But she said she had taken the job because of the money.

"My Visa was calling out for mercy," she said. "It was against my better judgment to do it. I don’t like to offend people."

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Hi There!!

Posted by Boghound on October 30, 2010

Waving polar bear in Arctic greeting

The polar bear cuts a welcoming and slightly camp figure on an iceberg, but tourists would be advised not to get too well acquainted with the ferocious animals.

It was during a cruise through Svalbard in the Arctic that 54-year-old Hans Strand snapped the fame-hungry bear as he came out to wave hello to the excited crowd.

It was third time lucky for Hans who missed the amazing moment the first two times and had to wait for the bear to climb out of his snowy bed again.

The polar bear would be well-advised to meet fellow wave enthusiast Darren the goat.

The billy goat mastered his trick after a group of youngsters who visited his enclosure first waved at him as they left.

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Student Snacks??

Posted by Boghound on October 29, 2010

Students being taught to cook roadkill for dinner to stave off debts

Perhaps one group of young scholars has the answer – roadkill.

As part of a degree course, they are scraping up the remains of pheasants, rabbits and even, in one case, a deer, off the roads and learning how to butcher them.

What’s left over, they take home to eat.

A staff member who has worked at their university for almost ten years said: ‘The group would find all sorts of animals at the side of the road.

‘They were used for class demonstrations to show how butchering methods have developed throughout history.

‘But, after the lesson, we’d be left with piles of meat – so we’d have a barbecue.’

Students at Bournemouth University said the sessions left them scrambling to find more roadkill in their own time.

One, a 23-year-old studying forensic archaeology, said: ‘After a few bites, I forgot I was eating an animal that had its brains smashed in by a car.’

Steve Stone, environmental health officer for the New Forest District Council, said anyone eating roadkill should make sure they were aware of the risks they were taking, adding: ‘I don’t think it’s something that people should experiment with unless they are aware of the health of the animal and the condition of it.’

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A Mini Problem

Posted by Boghound on October 28, 2010

Italian town bans scanty clothing

Skimpily clothed women in the town of Castellammare di Stabia in southern Italy are to be fined by the police under new regulations banning "very scanty clothing".

The ban will include skirts judged to be too short, jeans that are too low-slung and necklines that are too plunging and is intended to guard against antisocial behaviour.

Mayor Luigi Bobbio, of Italy’s ruling People of Freedom Party, defended the much-derided new legislation which prompted a small protest by female members of the opposition Democratic Party who held a Miniskirt Day rally.

"Miniskirts are not included in the ban," Mr Bobbio said before the vote.

"Miniskirts are not considered very scanty clothing unless they’re so small that they are no longer a skirt and they leave the undergarment showing."

Following the vote, he said the ban made Castellammare "a civilised city".

The new rules also ban blaspheming, sunbathing in public and playing football in many public areas – a hugely popular pastime in the town.

Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government has given Italy’s mayors greater powers to enforce measures seen as improving public order.

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A Nut Hunt

Posted by Boghound on October 27, 2010

Squirrel in transformer puts Ohio school on alert

Police said a lock-down at an Ohio high school resulted from an errant squirrel. Brookhaven High School in Columbus went on alert shortly after 8 a.m. Monday – about a half-hour into the school day – because of reports that shots had been fired in the area.

WCMH-TV reported investigators found that a noise resembling gunfire had come from an electric transformer malfunctioning after a squirrel got inside.

The school’s precautionary lock-down was lifted shortly after 8:30.

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Wash Day Blues!!

Posted by Boghound on October 26, 2010

Man throws washing machine out of window

A man in Germany has got himself in trouble with the authorities after he threw his washing machine out of his 8th floor window – because he couldn’t be bothered to carry it down.

48-year-old Gunther Koenig was, apparently, too lazy to carry the old washing machine down from his eighth floor flat, and so instead took the more direct route of chucking it out of the window for his Freiburg apartment.

The washing machine promptly exploded into hundreds of pieces on impact, scattering debris over a wide area and the road needed to be closed for a short while so that the mess could be cleared up.

Koenig told Local media: ‘I don’t know what the fuss was about – I checked there was no one underneath before I dropped it.

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Posted by Boghound on October 25, 2010

Rescuers free man with arm stuck down toilet

Chinese rescuers have freed a man after he got his arm stuck in a toilet pipe in an attempt to retrieve his mobile phone.

Emergency workers in eastern China say they found the man crouched over the toilet with his entire arm submerged in the drain.

They broke the porcelain bowl with crowbars and hammered the pipes, taking care not to injure the man.

They also managed to find the man’s phone, but it no longer works.

It is not clear how the man managed to call for help.

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Bum Rap?

Posted by Boghound on October 24, 2010

Man denies cocaine found in buttocks is his

When sheriff’s deputies allegedly discovered a bags of marijuana and cocaine between a man’s buttocks, they said he gave a quick explanation. Manatee County deputies said Raymond Stanley Roberts told them "The white stuff is not mine, but the weed is."

Deputies stopped the 25-year-old Wednesday in Bradenton for speeding. Officers said they smelled marijuana and searched him. That’s when they allegedly found a bag of marijuana between Roberts’ buttocks.

Officers then discovered another bag in there; the report said it contained 27 pieces of rock cocaine.

The Bradenton Herald reported Roberts was arrested for drug possession and has bonded out of jail. The person who answered Friday at a phone number listed for Roberts said it wasn’t his.

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Anger Management??

Posted by Boghound on October 23, 2010

Woman stabbed during anger management class

A woman in Bellvue, Wash., is accused of stabbing another woman during an anger management class.

The Seattle Times reports that Faribah Maradiaga is charged with second-degree assault after police allege she "blew up out of control" and stabbed a classmate in the arm and shoulder several times with a three-inch blade Saturday.

Maradiaga was reportedly complaining about a video the class was watching, when the victim told her "the video was good and to give it a chance." The two women exchanged words and violence broke out, police said.

Maradiaga, who was already facing another pending assault charge, reportedly told police the other woman started it.

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A Goat’s Revenge?

Posted by Boghound on October 22, 2010

Killer mountain goat strikes in US

Despite what PETA would have you believe, not all animals are cute and friendly. In fact some are psychopathic nut-jobs — like a certain mountain goat.

A 63-year-old hiker has died in the US after he was attacked by an aggressive mountain goat on Klahhane Ridge in Olympic National Park.

Robert Boardman had been out walking with his wife in Washington when they were approached by the goat as they ate lunch.

He tried to shoo the crazed animal away, but the ram — which was known to rangers as being aggressive — charged and gored him in the leg.

Park rangers said they had tried conditioning the goat to be scared of people by shooting it with bean bags… maybe they just aggravated it.

Boardman was taken to hospital but was unfortunately pronounced dead. The goat was also killed.

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