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Animal Farm?

Posted by Boghound on February 28, 2011

New York house found with filthy animals including calf

Dozens of flea-infested animals and several rotting animal corpses were removed from a filthy New York home where an elderly woman with dementia lived with two younger people, authorities said on Wednesday.

Living in the house were a calf, fancy hens, rats, rabbits, a chinchilla, a Mallard duck, a pheasant and other animals, said Sergeant Regina Benfante of the Suffolk County, New York, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"You name it, and that type of animal was in there," she said. All told, 76 live animals and about 10 corpses were found, she said.

Three people also lived in the house — the 87-year-old owner who suffers from dementia, family friend Alan Warner, 23, and his fiance, she said.

Warner was cited for violating town codes regarding the animals but no animal cruelty charges had been filed while the SPCA investigates, she said.

"I don’t know how the woman was living in the home, because she is very elderly and very frail." said Benfante.

"No animal should live in that condition, no humans either," she said. "This is one of the worst homes we have ever seen, filled with faeces and urine."

The calf, chinchilla, rabbits and cats showed signs of distress but the SPCA said it hopes the animals can be nursed to health and most put up for adoption.

"We have never seen a cow in a house before, that was a first." said SPCA Chief Steve Laton.

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Posted by Boghound on February 27, 2011

‘David Cameron stole my aunt’s cat’

A London man claims David Cameron has "taken" his aunt’s cat and has launched a Facebook campaign to get him back.

Larry the cat made headlines around the world when he was adopted as Number 10, Downing Street’s new rat catcher.

But Tim Sutcliffe says ‘Larry’ is really ‘Jo’, a stray taken in by his Auntie Margaret who was left devastated when he ran away last October.

Mr Sutcliffe has started a Facebook page to campaign for the cat’s safe return to his aunt, who lives in Bermondsey, London, reports the Daily Mail.

He believes the cat ended up at Battersea Cats Home after running away, before it was re-homed to Downing Street.

"As she didn’t technically own Jo, Battersea were well within their rights to take him, but she is really upset that he’s been taken away from her and she wants him back," he said.

Nearly 500 people have joined the group, with several confirming via the page they had emailed the Prime Minister demanding his return.

Mr Sutcliffe claims the cat wouldn’t let anyone hold him except his aunt, showing the same character traits that saw Larry attack an ITV news team.

Posting on the wall of the group, Ms Sutcliffe wrote: "I still can’t believe that my Jo has ended up being taken into Downing Street.

"I nearly died when I saw him in the papers. I’ve just found some of his cat hair on the sofa, so we can prove it’s Jo with a DNA test if we have to."

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Just A Half Then!!

Posted by Boghound on February 26, 2011

Horse becomes a regular drinker at British pub

Staff at a pub in Staffordshire say they don’t mind that one of their regulars always has a long face — because it’s not like Basil could do anything about it.

The nine-year-old Welsh Cob stallion has become a regular at the Meynell Ingram Arms in Burton where he is allowed to walk right in and up to the bar.

Over the past few years he’s even said to have started enjoying the occasional tipple of Marson’s Pedigree which is always served to him in his own glass.

Manager Guy Wallis insists locals don’t mind sharing the bar with the 14.2 hands pony… though there have been complaints he doesn’t ever get a round in.

Wallis added that Basil’s owners have been regulars at the pub for more than ten years and he has often tried to get his hoof in the door.

But a couple of years ago they gave up trying to keep him out and let him wander up to the bar. Now they even give him some vegetables to go with his pint.

Speaking of their unusual drinking companion, one regular said: "It’s great to see animals in pubs, it’s like the good old days. If people can take a dog into a pub why not a horse."

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House Pet?

Posted by Boghound on February 25, 2011

Alligator found behind a sofa in Brazil

After floodwaters receded from her home, a Brazilian woman was shocked to find a most unwelcome house guest: a 5-foot (1.5-meter) alligator lying tamely in the living room as her 3-year-old son petted the reptile’s head.

The animal apparently was washed inside by the high water on Monday night, said Luiz Claudio Farias, a captain of firefighters in the north-central city of Parauapebas.

When the woman went to clean up the following day, she saw the boy playing with something behind the couch, Farias said. It turned out to be an alligator.

"She snatched the boy away and called us," he said.

Farias said it was lucky the reptile apparently wasn’t in the mood for a meal: "If he was hungry, he could have seriously hurt or even killed the boy."

Firefighters trapped the alligator and took it to a nearby environmental preserve, where they set it free.

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Dead End Job?

Posted by Boghound on February 24, 2011

Worker Dead At Desk

EBECCA Wells, 51, old Rebecca Wells had been dead at her desk at the L.A. County Department of Internal Services for a day before she was discovered.

Wells had come into work on Friday at 9am. Her body was discovered by a co-worker the next day.

This might be why we Tweet: to remind others we are still alive…

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Dog Gone It!!

Posted by Boghound on February 23, 2011

Dog survives 32km drive stuck to the grill of a car

Donald, a 14-year-old Jack Russell cross, wandered into the path of a Honda Civic as it travelled along a dual carriageway.

The driver, who thought he had hit a fox, continued along the road at speeds of 60mph with Donald firmly stuck to the bonnet.

He only made the startling discovery half an hour later as he pulled into his drive in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, in the early hours.

‘He heard barking and saw there was a dog stuck to the grille of his car,’ said a spokesman for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue.

Crews released the pet using heavy cutting equipment and wrapped him up to keep him warm.

After being checked over by vets, Donald has been reunited with his owner.

‘Amazingly, he has only suffered a few scratches and is eating and drinking like his normal, old self,’ said owner Ann Armett, 55, who lives near the A50 in Uttoxeter where Donald was picked up for his unexpected ride.

She said Donald had disappeared after going outside on the drive to urinate. ‘Usually, he comes straight back but this time he never returned.

‘I think the wind must have blown him into the traffic.’

Her son Robert, 25, who has grown up with the family’s pet, added: ‘It’s incredible he wasn’t more seriously hurt.’

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Trapped Granny

Posted by Boghound on February 22, 2011

Grandma trapped in her house by massive pile of leaves

The front of her home and her neighbour’s, has been surrounded by a 1metre (3ft) deep pile of leaves driven by decidedly chilly winter winds of more than 112kph (70mph).

Speaking outside her home in Brunswick Park Road, in Wednesbury, West Midlands, the 77-year-old said: ‘I could not even get out my front door on Monday it was so bad. I had to go round the back.

‘It has been like this all week, I have lived here 23 years and I have never seen it like this. I have asked the council for help clearing it off my drive but they said they can only clear leaves from the footpaths.’

It would take one person a full day and at least 50 garden sacks to remove the pile which has blown in from a nearby cemetery.

Neighbour Karen Thomas, 40, who lives in the road, said: ‘We have always had problems – sometimes I find myself having to fill 20 black bags before I can get out the house – but this is the worst ever.’

A major section of the street was finally cleared by a council work team and a large lorry.

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Horsing Around?

Posted by Boghound on February 21, 2011

Horse semen for New Zealand food festival

Shots of horse semen will be introduced at an upcoming New Zealand food festival.

The item will be on the menu at next month’s annual Wildfoods Festival, along with raw scorpions and chocolate-covered beetles.

Racehorse breeder Lindsay Kerslake claimed to Fairfax Media that the shots would "taste like a milkshake".

He said: "The idea is you’ll have as much zizz as a stallion for a week afterwards."

Organiser Mike Keenan told AFP that Kerslake thought it would offer "something different", adding: "He’s working on a number of flavours, from vanilla right through to strawberry and chocolate."

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OF’s Never Say Die!!

Posted by Boghound on February 20, 2011

OAP survives desert for five days

An 84-year-old motorist drank windscreen washer to stay alive when he got lost in the Arizona desert.

Henry Morello took a wrong turn driving home and ended up stranded in a ditch for five days after his car battery and mobile phone died.

He survived by using car mats to stay warm at night and drinking the windscreen fluid – and even read the car manual cover to cover to pass the time.

Eventually he was found by a passing walker, whom he kissed with relief.
After his ordeal he said of his hero: "He looked like an angel to me."

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Why Would You Want To?

Posted by Boghound on February 19, 2011

New Zealand ‘Win a Wife’ contest

A radio competition, in which the winner will fly to Ukraine and be given the chance to pick a bride from an agency, sparked outrage in New Zealand Wednesday.

The winner of the contest – launched by MediaWork’s station The Rock, which is broadcast nationwide – will also get 12 nights’ accommodation and NZ$2,000 (US$1,500) spending money.

On its website the company acknowledges that some people will get "their panties in a twist over this one" – and they have, with social activist Sue Bradford saying the contest "takes commercial radio to new depths."

"It is unusual and somewhat disturbing that a commercial entity would commercialize what should be one of the most meaningful human relationships and actually offer it as a prize for a radio show," she said.

The promotion began on Monday and ends on February 28, with five finalists to be subjected to character assessment from friends and family, and psychometric testing and suitability for marriage testing by a psychologist appointed by MediaWorks.

The prize does not include travel for the Ukraine woman to come to New Zealand.

The Rock program director, Brad King told the New Zealand Press Association (NZPA) the competition was "a bit of a laugh."

"At the end of the day, it’s up to both people if they decide to get married and return to New Zealand. We’re not actually marrying anyone or bringing women back to New Zealand," he said.

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