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You Can’t Eat That….Neigh!!

Posted by Boghound on November 30, 2012

Facing court, man who fed a sausage roll to police horse

A man who fed a sausage roll to a police horse has been accused of behaving in a “threatening or abusive manner”.

In a rare case, Francis Kelly was charged with causing a breach of the peace in Glasgow earlier this year.

Authorities say the 41-year-old broke the law when he ignored police warnings and gave the pastry to the animal.

But friends of Mr Kelly said tonight that he had done nothing wrong. He gave it a sausage roll because he thought the animal “looked hungry”.

Critics said the case was a waste of money and questioned why it was being brought before the courts next year.

Prosecutors will allege that Mr Kelly behaved in a “threatening or abusive manner” by attempting to feed meat to the horse.

The court will also be told that he “adopted an aggressive stance” towards officers when told to put the food away.

Court papers say the incident occurred in the city’s south on Sept 26.

It was, however, unclear tonight why the police horses were in the area or when he initially came into contact with the animals.

Mr Kelly, from the Govanhall district of Glasgow, was unavailable for comment tonight.

He is said to deny the charge. A source close to the case insisted that he would be fighting the accusation.

“His view is simply that he thought the horses looked hungry — daft as that sounds,” the source said.

Critics tonight took to social networking internet sites to express their anger at the case.

Many said the case was a “waste of money” and showed the world had “gone mad”.

“Seriously, is a man to stand trial for feeling a police horse a sausage roll … the world has gone mad,” Michelle McLaughlin said on the Twitter microblogging website.

Another user called “Lorraine M”, said: “Meanwhile in Glasgow.. Man stands trial for trying to feed sausage roll to a Police Horse. Yes you read right.”

Jack Harvey added: “Apparently the officer who charged the man said he heard the horse clearly say ‘neigh’ when offered the sausage roll. #SausageRollGate.”

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What A Shame!

Posted by Boghound on November 29, 2012

EU officials: We were hacked at Web conference

A European official says her staff members were hacked when they joined her for a conference on Internet security in Azerbaijan.

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said in a blog post Saturday that her advisers’ computers were compromised as they attended a meeting of the Internet Governance Forum in Baku, the Azeri capital.

Her spokesman, Ryan Heath, said the attack occurred while they were in their hotel.

Heath said he and a colleague got messages from Apple Inc. warning them that their computers had been accessed by an unauthorized party, something he said he believed was an attempt to spy on him.

"I’m presuming it was some kind of surveillance," he said in a telephone interview. "What we’re going to do is to get the computers forensically analyzed to see what if anything was taken out of them."

He declined to say who he thought might be responsible.

Kroes was critical of her hosts when speaking before the forum on Wednesday, attacking the Azeri government for allegedly spying on activists through the Internet and "violating the privacy of journalists and their sources."

In her blog post Saturday, Kroes cited the hacking as one of several violations which she said highlighted the "harsh" reality of political life in Azerbaijan, an oil-rich nation on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

Kroes said that Azeri authorities reneged on a deal to allow her to see political prisoners, and she claimed that activists at the Internet conference were harassed.

"So much for openness," she wrote.

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Get A Life!!

Posted by Boghound on November 28, 2012

Lord of the Rings fan builds life-size Hobbit hole out of 2,600 balloons

Lord of the Rings fan and dad-of-three Jeremy Telford has built a spectacular Hobbit hole out of 2,600 balloons, a feat that’s taken him 40 hours over three days.

Mr Telford, 34, inflated the balloons using a hand-pump to bring JRR Tolkien’s world to life in his living room.

The Utah father-of-three’s children can be seen helping the professional balloon artist, who is part of the group Balloon Guy Entertainment, in a YouTube video as he creates his own version of Bag End.

After carefully planning with his wife, they set up a camera to take pictures every 18 seconds for a time-lapse video.

The detail of the creation can be seen right down to a fireplace with balloon lamps, a pantry with working doors and a fruit bowl filled with balloon apples.

Mr Telford, from Pleasant Grove, Utah, said: ‘I’ve been wanting to build something from The Hobbit for a while now.

‘My wife and I sat down and picked out a few days to set aside for the build.

‘We figured out how to get most of the furniture out of our living room and planned out how to build around the rest.’

He said all three children – aged seven, five, and two – helped him along the way.

Mr Telford says he has been a Tolkien fan since he first read The Hobbit in Junior High School.

He spent hours Googling 18th-century English furniture to find the right style, then he designed the layout and estimated how many balloons he would need.

Once finished, it stayed up for three days.

‘After three days we let the kids demolish it for another two,’ said Mr Telford.

‘They were sad when it was finally time to reclaim the living room for living.’

Mr Telford has also created life-size replicas of a stegosaurus, a complete T-rex skeleton, and a motorcycle.

He also performed his balloon act during the 2002 Winter Olympics and wrote a book about his skill, called Balloonology.

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Posted by Boghound on November 27, 2012

Teen Used ‘Old Man’ Disguise In Armed Robbery

Sixteen-year-old Miles Alura used Hollywood-style facial prosthetics, make-up and a hair piece to commit an armed raid in Kent.

Brandishing two handguns and dressed up as an old man, 16-year-old Miles Alura and his two teenaged accomplices were caught following a raid on a Kent jewellers.

The trio used handcuffs and a dog lead to tie up terrified staff, before making off with £50,000 worth of jewellery. But an onlooker called the police and all three boys were arrested.

Alura was found in a nearby garden having dumped the gang’s haul and removed his facial prosthetics, make-up and hairpiece.

Following their capture, detectives from the Met’s Flying Squad linked the July 3 robbery to an earlier raid on June 7 at a jewellers in Mayfair, central London.

Alura had committed that robbery along with one of the two boys – who cannot be named – and while wearing false waist-length dreadlocks.

They jumped over the counter and threatened the staff, intimating they had a gun. Workers were tied up and they escaped with jewellery worth £100,000.

Fingerprints belonging to both boys was found on paperwork – including school history coursework and a drawing of the plan of the store – left at the scene.

Alura was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court to a total of five years in prison. His accomplice in the Mayfair robbery, ‘Boy A’, also 16, of Stoke Newington, was jailed for three years.

Fifteen-year-old ‘Boy B’, of Holloway, received a 12-month detention and training order. Reporting restrictions were lifted for Alura, but not for the other two boys.

Detective Constable Vicky Bailey, from the Met’s Flying Squad, said: "These were violent armed robberies during which innocent members of staff were terrorised and genuinely feared for their lives.

"It is even more shocking to know that this level of violence was inflicted by three schoolboys who went to extraordinary lengths to research, plan and get away with these offences, demonstrated by Alura’s sophisticated disguise."

All three defendants had earlier pleaded guilty at Kingston Crown Court to conspiracy to rob relating to the Kent robbery.

Alura and ‘Boy B’ had pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation firearm regarding that raid. Alura and ‘Boy A’ had also pleaded guilty to the Mayfair robbery.

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A Real “Dead Drop” Perhaps??

Posted by Boghound on November 26, 2012

Denver mailman mistakes corpse for Halloween decoration

The United States Postal Service acknowledged on Friday that one of its mail carriers did not report a corpse at a Denver home because he mistook the body for a Halloween display.

"We do know the carrier delivered mail to the house that day, and he remembered seeing something he thought was related to Halloween," the postal service said in a statement. "When the carrier learned that was not the case, he was shocked and extremely upset."

The local ABC News affiliate reported that the dead man, Dale Porch, 46, collapsed and died November 2 on his porch steps after returning home from his night shift job.

Relatives of Porch could not be reached for comment by Reuters.

The postal service called the incident "an unfortunate situation" that probably would not have happened any other time of year.

"Our carriers have a long history of assisting customers in neighborhoods across the country each and every day, and that holds true for our letter carriers here in Denver," the statement said.

The unidentified carrier is a "conscientious and dedicated employee" who remains on the job, the post office said, and any action that may be taken against him will be handled internally.

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We Don’t Like You!

Posted by Boghound on November 25, 2012

FBI against Private Sector ?

Federal agents are currently frustrated because a number of private companies keep getting in their way when the FBI is snooping – and are noticed to be holding back introduction of more sweeping surveillance of the Internet.

According to media reports, the FBI is seeking Homeland Security’s help to discover cases which they claim were “negatively impacted” by private sector. Some of the private companies are said to delay investigations inadvertently or fail to immediately bend over to surveillance requests by the Feds. For instance, Cricket Communications has irritated federal authorities because the company allegedly hindered an investigation due to technical problems on its network. They got in the way of a wiretap and location tracking.

In response, Cricket claimed that if requested disclosure was lawfully permitted, it would hand over data to the police, but otherwise it denies the request. In the meantime, the anxiety of the police about the efficiency of its information collection refers to its wider plan to appeal for major Internet companies to set back doors solely for the government surveillance.

As for the Homeland Security, they acknowledged that other private companies had also caused some problems for information gathering. The list of the mentioned companies includes T-Mobile, Comcast and MetroPCS. For instance, in Honolulu, Homeland Security complained that there are delays of up to 4 months from Cricket and T-mobile. The only company the Feds aren’t worrying about is Microsoft. The latter has been getting on the FBI’s good side by going as far as to finance “fusion centres”, i.e. hubs for the US surveillance.

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Now….That’s A Pub-Crawl!

Posted by Boghound on November 24, 2012

Herd of elephants go on drunken rampage after mammoth booze up

Fifty wild elephants went on a drunken rampage after downing 18 containers of mahua, a powerful alcoholic brew, in India.

The trunk and disorderly mammals ransacked a shop, three houses and ruined crops in the eastern village of Dumurkota, India.

Police say the gang of over-the-limit tuskers downed more than 500litres of  moonshine alcohol, managing to drink the place dry in a matter of minutes.

The unruly mob demolished dozens of houses in their desperate hunt for more booze after hoovering up the hard stuff in record time.

Local police officer Asish Samanat said the drunken elephants were more ‘aggressive’ than usual after their mammoth drinking session.

‘Unfortunately these animals live in close proximity to man and they recognised the smell of the drink,’ he explained.

‘They were like any other drunk – aggressive and unreasonable but much, much bigger.’

Police and villagers eventually restored order by herding the elephants over a local river back to their normal migration route.

Officer Samanat added: ‘They’ll have one heck of a hangover.’

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There’re At It Again

Posted by Boghound on November 23, 2012

Anonymous Launched Attack

Hacking group Anonymous has recently started the attack it pledged for the 5th November. The group promised to target Australian government portals and big hitters like PayPal.

The hacktivists have embarked on a hacking spree which has threatened Facebook, NBC, PayPal and others. Local media reported that this spree was launched against systemic, global surveillance systems like TrapWire. The latter was the focus of a recent Wikileaks file drop earlier in 2012.

The experts point out that the vigilante-style nature of the hackers’ attack could be regarded by technologically un-savvy world governments as the event supposed to justify boosting surveillance and reducing civil liberties on the Internet, though that’s exactly what the hackers are fighting against.

The list of the companies allegedly victim to the attack includes ImageShack, PayPal, and Arcelor Mittal Steel. In addition, the Greek City website and the Ghana Consulate sites were also targeted, and VMware’s ESX Server Kernel source code leaked. In the meantime, an attack against antivirus software developer Symantec is believed to be unrelated.

PayPal has made an announcement, saying that the company is currently investigating the issue, but thus far there’s no evidence that account details of any user have been compromised. However, the @AnonymousPress Twitter account claimed the opposite and linked to a post on PrivatePaste (which has since been taken down). In the event that the hack did happen, PayPal will face around 28,000 details being compromised.

The allegations are part of the hacktivists’ day of action on the 5th of November to coincide with Guy Fawkes Night. The suspicions were that the hacking collective will manage to take down the largest social network in the world in response to the social-games spammer Zynga’s plans to lay off its workforce. Hackers were also outraged by company’s actions against numerous developers which they see as devastating to the gaming industry. Anonymous urged Zynga to change its mind or face the consequences.

Anonymous has endured despite multiple attempts from the United States to shut the collective down. They also plan to coincide a march on Parliament with the Internet activism. By the way, “V for Vendetta” author Alan Moore supports the movement and has even released a single in support of the Occupy and Anonymous actions.

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Posted by Boghound on November 22, 2012

Car stolen in Edinburgh with owner in boot

A 62-year-old man thwarted a car theft by jumping into the boot as it was being stolen.

The Vauxhall Astra was targeted by two teenage thieves while the man unloaded the boot in Lochend Road, Edinburgh.

BBC News reports that the owner quickly jumped inside before the pair drove off at high speed. The vehicle was then involved in a number of collisions with other cars.

The man managed to call the police from the boot of his car before the thieves abandoned it near a school and ran off.

The pair were described as being white and in their mid-teens. One was wearing a black, long-sleeved T-shirt, while the other was wearing a white T-shirt.

A Lothian and Borders Police spokesman said: "The youths responsible for this vehicle theft put not only their own lives in danger, but the lives of other motorists and pedestrians and we are keen to trace them as soon as possible."

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Bad Luck???

Posted by Boghound on November 21, 2012

Man has heart attack, confesses murder, survives

A man who confessed to a murder on his deathbed has survived and will now serve a life prison sentence.

James Washington from Nashville, thinking he was going to die as he was suffering a heart attack, was clearing his conscience.

He confessed to killing Joyce Goodener in July 1995, reports WSMV.

However, Washington – who was already in prison for a different crime – survived the scare and has since been found guilty of the murder.

Prison guard James Tomlinson recalled to the jury: "He kind of got as best as he could, motioned and said, ‘I have something to tell you. I have to get something off my conscience and you need to hear this’.

"He said, ‘I killed somebody. I beat her to death’."

Washington had tried to retract his statement in court before the verdict was delivered.

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