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His hearts in the right place!

Posted by Boghound on November 30, 2009

Church thief leaves apology: ‘Sorry, I’m poor’

A thief who stole from a church in the US state of Georgia left behind a note saying he was sorry.

A note scrawled on the wall said: ‘Sorry but I’m poor. Forgive me Lord.’

The Rev. Roger Davis told local TV station WSB-TV that expensive equipment including microphones and a laptop containing important records were stolen over the weekend from Berean Baptist Church. The robber broke locks and the church’s safe, but it was empty.

It was the fourth time the church in Ellenwood, southeast of Atlanta, has been robbed in two years.

Davis joked that he’s considering putting up a note of his own telling potential robbers to call him instead and the church will take up a collection for them.

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Getting The hump!

Posted by Boghound on November 29, 2009


Humpback Horror: Camel Chaos In Oz

Around 6,000 feral camels are rampaging through a remote Australian town causing chaos and terrifying the locals, prompting the government to organise a mass cull.

The Northern Territory government said that the community of Docker River was “under siege”.

Local government minister Rob Knight said: “They’ve actually come right into the community smashing infrastructure, so it’s become a critical situation.

“There are health issues, there are camels being trampled, and dead carcasses in the community.

“They are smashing over water mains and intruding on the airstrip, causing problems with medical evacuations.”

Many of the 330 residents are said to be too scared to leave their homes. The town is around 150 miles west of Uluru, commonly known as Ayers Rock.

Graham Taylor, the chief executive of local authority Macdonnell Shire, said it was a crisis.

“It began four weeks ago with 25 or 30 camels, but every day more and more turned up looking for water,” he said.

He said the camels would be rounded up and taken out of town to be shot humanely.

The animals are part of a wild herd of more than a million camels which roam the central Australian desert.

They were introduced to the country in the 19th century when white settlers built roads and rail across the Outback, and used the animals for transportation.

The camels were set free afterwards, and have been breeding ever since.

With few natural predators and vast sparsely-populated areas in which to roam, the camel population has soared, putting pressure on native species by reducing food sources, destroying habitat and spreading disease.

Earlier this year, the Federal government announced it was allocating £10m to tackle the problem.

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Stab It!

Posted by Boghound on November 28, 2009

Man stabs himself to avoid work

We all know there are some days when you just can’t face the thought of going into work. But one man in Denver took a rather extreme approach to throwing a sickie, local police say – he stabbed himself and claimed to have been attacked by three men in a ploy to get off work.

Aaron Siebers, 29, from the Denver suburb of Edgewater, reported the supposed attack on Monday to the video store where he works. Five police agencies scrambled to the scene of the fictitious assault, including police dog units.

Siebers said that he has been stabbed by three men who were dressed in black, and were either Hispanic, or skinheads.

However, following repeated police questioning, Siebers eventually admitted that the story was made up, and the knife wound on his leg and other cuts on his body were self inflicted.

Siebers was arrested, and faces charges of false reporting and obstructing a police officer.

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The Gym!…..Yeh Right!

Posted by Boghound on November 27, 2009

Widower in drag uses dead wife’s ID for gym……..

A man who wore women’s clothing to use his dead wife’s gym membership has appeared in a Hong Kong court, a report said Tuesday.

Lau Siu-wah, 51, was charged after he allegedly used his wife’s identification card to exercise in the female-only section of the gym at the city’s Sheraton hotel, The Standard daily reported.

But the man’s looks aroused suspicion and police were called, the report said, adding that Lau was quickly arrested.

The paper said Lau admitted to police that he used the card to impersonate his wife, who died in 2007.

Lau, who appeared in court Monday in women’s clothes and wearing red nail polish, was granted bail on a charge that he used an identity card relating to another person, the paper said.

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To Tip Or Not To Tip!!!

Posted by Boghound on November 26, 2009

Couple arrested over ‘theft’ for refusing to tip in restaurant

Leslie Pope and John Wagner were handcuffed and hauled away after they failed to leave a restaurant’s mandatory 18 per cent gratuity – totalling $16 (£10) – for their party of eight.

“Nobody wants to be forced to pay a tip or be arrested for terrible service,” said Miss Pope, 22.

The couple, students at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, had joined six friends at the town’s Lehigh Pub for dinner. They claimed they had to wait almost an hour for their meal to arrive and Miss Pope said the service was so shoddy they had to get their own cutlery and napkins.

The group said they had to repeatedly ask for drink refills while their waitress smoked outside the pub.

At the end of the meal of salad and chicken wings, they were presented with a $73.87 bill. A $16.35 tip had been added as there was eight people in the party.

The group paid for the meal, but did not leave a tip. Mr Wagner, 24, said he explained to the manager why he was not leaving a tip.

The restaurant’s owner admitted that the group had waited an unusually long time for their food, but said the pub had been very busy that night. He said managers offered to give the table a discount for some of the food, a claim the couple denied.

The restaurant called the police, and Miss Pope and Mr Wagner were led away in handcuffs.

Police said the pair were charged with theft, as the gratuity was part of the actual bill.

They are due to appear in court next month where they plan to contest the theft charges.

A spokesman for the Lehigh Pub said the restaurant menu makes it clear parties of six or more have a mandatory 18 per cent gratuity.

It is typical in the US to leave a 15- 20 per cent tip, and tables of six or more usually charge a mandatory 15 per cent tip.

………..Unbelievable that it has gone so far but what do expect in the States!!!!!!

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Posted by Boghound on November 25, 2009

Stephen Fry backs Digital Economy Bill protests

The petition, which was started by Talk Talk, the internet service provider, calls on the Government to reconsider its plans to disconnect persistent illegal file sharers from the internet. The proposals form part of the Digital Economy Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament.

The petition reads: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to abolish the proposed law that will see alleged illegal filesharers disconnected from their broadband connections, without a fair trial.”

Charles Dunstone, chief executive of Talk Talk, has been a vocal critic of the Government’s plans to cut off the internet connections of suspected illegal filesharers, claiming it could infringe human rights.

“We don’t support copyright infringement in any way but we live in the real world and understand that no amount of policing and censorship will solve the problem,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how many websites are blocked, how many services are shut down or how many individuals are pursued, people will always find ways to access copyrighted content for free.”

Talk Talk has told its customers that it will not surrender account details to rights holders who claim their copyright has been infringed, unless ordered to do so by a court. The internet service provider also pledged to fight the proposed legislation, and refused to disconnect those users accused of illegally sharing files over the web and infringing copyright unless legally compelled to do so.

Sign the petition at;

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What A Load of Shit!!!

Posted by Boghound on November 24, 2009

Cow dung to power more Dutch homes

A plant that converts cow dung into energy for homes opened in the Netherlands Friday.

Manure from cows at a nearby dairy farm will be fermented along with grass and food industry residues, and the biogas released during the process will be used as fuel for the thermal plant’s gas turbines.

The heat generated will be distributed to around 1,100 homes in the area around Leeuwarden in the north of the Netherlands, the plant’s operator Essent said in a statement.

Firms in Europe and elsewhere have been investing in biogas plants and this is the second of its scale running on cow manure in the Netherlands. It follows another plant that Essent opened in January.

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The Aussie Car Wash!

Posted by Boghound on November 23, 2009

Police put brakes on nude car wash romp

An early morning visit to a car wash at the weekend has earnt four central Queensland men an appointment with a magistrate next month.

Police allege two 23-year-old men and two 19-years-old stripped off and went into the automatic car wash at Biloela early on Sunday morning.

They have been charged with public nuisance after being spotted by a passing police patrol.

Senior Sergeant Nick Paton says it could have been a dangerous stunt.

“I think it was a high pressure wash that they were trying to get involved with and I imagine that would be quite painful if they’d actually got the machine going, so that’s why they were advised to probably get their clothes back on [and] get their act together,” he said.

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A Dog & His Toys

Posted by Boghound on November 22, 2009

Dog needs surgery after eating seven toys

Meet Bonzai – a contender for the title of Lancashire’s hungriest dog.

Vets have just removed SEVEN pieces of toys from the 12-year-old mixed breed’s stomach.

Owner Joy Humphreys, of Brindle Road, Bamber Bridge, took him to the vets after noticing he was tired and drinking more water than usual.
After a major operation last week to remove the offending objects, the playful pooch is recovering at home and enjoying new toys under the watchful eye of Joy and husband Frank.
Joy said: “I was devastated because he’s a much-loved dog. It was a terrible feeling because we really thought we’d lose him.

“He’s more than a pet, he’s a member of the family. I just can’t imagine what it would be like without him.”

Joy’s daughter Debbie, who lives in Heath Charnock, got Bonzai as an abandoned two-week-old puppy when she was living in Spain.

She called him Bonzai, after being told he wouldn’t grow to be very big – he’s now six stone! Joy said they should have called him Lucky as it’s not the first time Bonzai has been on the operating table.

Earlier this year he got a stick impaled through his tongue after leaping to catch it mid-air.

Joy said: “He’s a real survivor. I can’t believe he’s had yet another episode.

“He’s just had a check-up. He’s on medication for his liver for another month and then they’ll do another blood test to check it’s functioning properly. So fingers crossed, it works out.”

Joy, who has now bought Bonzai some harder toys, warns other dog owners to keep an eye on their pet’s soft toys.

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It’s a robbery

Posted by Boghound on November 21, 2009


Drunk driver calls cops to report marijuana theft

Oregon police have charged a man with drunk driving after he called police to report that his marijuana had been stolen.

Calvin Hoover, 21, told dispatchers early on Tuesday that someone had broken into his truck and stolen cash, a jacket and a small amount of marijuana while he was at a tavern.

He called police again to complain they had not arrived, but the dispatcher had trouble understanding Hoover – because he was driving and stopping occasionally to vomit.

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