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Posted by Boghound on June 2, 2010

Nun defeats thief

A would-be thief got away with nothing after being confronted by an angry nun with a commanding voice.

Sister Lynn Rettinger, of Pittsburgh, spotted the man reaching into an opened car window and stealing a wallet on Tuesday.

Putting the tone of voice she’s used for nearly 50 years teaching in Catholic schools, the principal of Sacred Heart Elementary School went outside and firmly told the man: ‘You need to give me what you have.’

The thief promptly handed over the wallet, apologized and walked away.

Rettinger said she just talked to him as she would do with a student when she knew they had something they shouldn’t. Police are still looking for the man.


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Massage Novice

Posted by Boghound on May 28, 2010

Nuns set up massage service

A group of nuns have set up a massage service as a new way of making ends meet after their chicken breeding business fell flat.

The sisters at Marienkron Abbey in Monchhof, Austria, are reportedly making a fortune after converting their convent into a health spa.

The five star spa offers therapies with high pressure jets of mineral water, massage, and fitness classes with an expert chi kung Chinese breathing exercises.

Guests are pummeled with high pressure hoses of chilled mineral waters to stimulate the skin.

The Sisters of the Cistercian Order say the ice cold water treatments are good for the body and the soul and charge £100 a night for a break in the spa.

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