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Stick Together

Posted by Boghound on July 31, 2009

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Holidays. What not to do!

Posted by Boghound on July 31, 2009

Singing whilst wearing a swimming costume and carrying an ice cream cone in a back pocket on a Sunday are just two foreign laws of which British holidaymakers should be wary of………….

  • In Milan it is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits.
  • In Massachusetts, taxi drivers are prohibited from making love in the front seat of the car during their shifts.
  • In Denmark, people are legally obliged to honk the horn and check for small children underneath the car.
  • In Thailand, it is illegal for anyone to leave a building without wearing their pants.
  • In Michigan, anyone planning on bathing in public must have their swim suit inspected by a police officer.
  • In Florida, any unmarried woman who parachutes on a Sunday could be jailed. Singing while wearing a swimming costume is also prohibited.
  • In Portugal it is unlawful to urinate in the sea.
  • In Hong Kong the wife of a husband who commits adultery is legally entitled to kill the mistress in any manner desired, and the husband with just her bare hands.
  • In Switzerland flushing the lavatory after 10pm is illegal.
  • In Canada if you are arrested and then released from prison, it is a legal requirement that the felon is given a handgun with bullets and a horse, so they can ride safely out of the town.

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The French At Play!!

Posted by Boghound on July 30, 2009

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Posted by Boghound on July 30, 2009

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Grandmother’s Photography Banned

Posted by Boghound on July 30, 2009

The PC brigade are at it again!!!!

A 85-year-old grandmother was banned from taking photographs of her grandchildren in a municipal swimming pool………..

…….Sheila Campbell was astonished by the politically correct decision to stop
her taking a picture for the family album of her four granddaughters who
are aged between five and 10.

The children and their mother Tina were in the water at the Royal
Commonwealth Pool at Mrs Campbell’s home in Edinburgh when
she decided to record the moment.

“One of my granddaughters was practising her diving so I took out my camera to take some nice pictures,” she said.

“But an attendant warned me to stop. I like to think it would have been obvious that I was their grandmother. There were no other children anywhere near her but anyway I was only interested in taking photos of my grandchildren.

“What is the harm in it? The attendant was adamant that I had to stop. I did not protest even though I was not causing any harm. He might have taken away my camera. I must say, it is a sign that we are living in a nanny state.”

The ban on Mrs Campbell is part of a growing trend for local authorities to prohibit photography and filming at key events, with many citing data protection or child protection laws. Many local authorities have decided to outlaw photos
due to fears paedophiles might obtain illicit snaps of young children.

This comes despite the intervention of information watchdogs who warn that some authorities are being overzealous in stopping parents and grandparents recording treasured moments. Photographs have even banned at some school
sports’ days……This situation is only going to get worse unless people stand up and voice an opinion on this matter…..When will the sensible people with a brain say “enough is enough” and decide to to something about it and not leave it until there are so many ridicules rules and regulations there will not be any chance of changing things…..COME THE REVOLUTION

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Jeremy Does It Again

Posted by Boghound on July 29, 2009

Whilst I can’t stand him………At least he speaks his mind….Which in present day society is something of an achievement!!!

Controversial Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was in hot water again after he launched a
tirade against Gordon Brown in front of the BBC show’s live studio audience.

According to those watching, Mr Clarkson was speaking during the not-for-broadcast section of the
programme when he referred to the Prime Minister with a four-letter swear word generally considered to be the most offensive in the English language.
According to the Guardian, an eyewitness said Clarkson, 49, was talking about government policy and said: “The reason you can’t do that is
because Gordon Brown is a “cunt”

This may be coming a regular issue for the beleaguered Prime Minister, who Mr Clarkson has already had to apologised to for calling him a “one-eyed Scottish idiot” in February.

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Devon Teashop Under Attack

Posted by Boghound on July 28, 2009

WELL…….WELL………WELL…..Here’s another example of local councils in the UK throwing their weight about!!!!!

Janice Voce was told the board pointing to her remote tea shop was a “potential hazard”
to pedestrians, even though it was on an embankment with no footpath. Within days of taking it down she saw her takings slump to just £8 a day.

The sign had been in place for a year without any complaints until Devon County Council intervened but Mrs Voce, 46, said she is being left with no option but to close the Fancy That Tea Shop in the village of East Budleigh, Devon, with the loss of five jobs.

Villagers are rallying behind Mrs Voce and have drawn up a petition in protest at the local council.

Mrs Voce said: “My business is tucked away off the main road and without the sign pointing to us, no-one would know we are here.

“The sign is on a grass verge – nobody walks there and no-one in the village can understand how it is now a problem. As a result I have gone from doing a full trade and employing five people from the village to taking just £8 a day and having to get rid of all the weekday staff.

“It’s a difficult time for any business and we could do with some support from the local council. I’ve tried to explain to them that by asking me to do this they are effectively closing me down, but no-one seems to care. I will probably be shut before the end of the week.”

This harassment by a over officiate council is very close to home and not new…..Years ago my family had business in Devon that relied on signs being put on footpaths that were wide enough to drive cars on….We were constantly harassed by over enthusiastic council officials even though many of the signs were on our land!!!!……We paid a small fortune in rates and employed well over 100 people but would they listen to reason……WOULD THEY FUCK!!!!

I hope Mrs Voce does not give up and fights on.

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Tips For Those “Useless” Function Keys.

Posted by Boghound on July 27, 2009

F1: Blocks the Wi-Fi signal that Mr.-Sit-at-the-Best-Seat at-Starbucks-for-Nine-Hours is using, forcing him to shut down and vacate the premises.

F2: Sends a nasty e-mail to Microsoft execs’ personal
e-mail box relaying that a Windows bug is about to crash your system and you really appreciate the
inconvenience-again (this could work for any vendor, of course).

F3: Deletes embarrassing Facebook photos of you
posted by high school classmates.

F4: Brings up an image of Megan Fox in “Transformers.”

F5: Quickly quarantines any guilt-ridden e-mail from your mother and sends automated “Out of Office / Can’t Respond for 3 Weeks / Do Not Contact” response.

F6: (See F4) You were just on a website of “questionable” integrity and you might have been infected with spyware-Automatically kills anything on your machine that resembles malware.

F7: (For IT people only) Sends a reply to those
less-than-savvy users who send indiscriminate barrages of help-desk e-mails: “Hit restart, genius.”

F8: Sets your PC ablaze because it’s 8 years old, still
running Windows 95 and you just can’t take it anymore.

F9: Sends a digital shockwave to the spammer’s
keyboard who just filled up your inbox with links to
purported photos of Megan Fox in “Transformers.”

F10: Kills any Apple DRM feature.

F11: Crashes Twitter feed of any of your followers who are still tweeting about Michael Jackson.

F12: For when you’re feeling mad at the world, plays
five-second burst of Jeff Bezos’s freakishly maniacal
laugh ( hear it here).

OH…….and if you are wondering what the picture has to do with “keyboards”…..BUGGER ALL….I just liked it!!!

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Pet Friendly Airline

Posted by Boghound on July 26, 2009

The dog days of summer are officially here, but every day is now dogs’ day at the American Airlines Terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

American has installed a new Pet Relief Area at the terminal’s departure level, so that passengers with pets can give their canine or feline friends a final chance to relieve themselves before packing them away in their kennels for the flight.

“American Airlines is sensitive to the needs of passengers who travel with their pets,” said Joseph Daly, American’s Facilities Maintenance Manager at JFK Airport. “Pets that travel have comfort needs, too, so we wanted to provide a way for them to be comfortable before boarding their flight, just like the rest of us.”

The new Pet Relief Area is a 30 feet by 50 feet enclosure, including a 1,000-square-foot patch of natural grass. It has a five-foot wide entrance gate, a walkway and two benches. A “Mutt Mitt” dispenser is provided, together with a trash barrel at the gate for waste disposal. A bright red fire hydrant stands at the far end of the grassy area.

American worked with the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners in creating the area.

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Auntie Beeb & Irony

Posted by Boghound on July 25, 2009

It’s just been revealed that the BBC spent £10,000 on a Christmas party whilst whilst hundreds of it’s staff are losing their jobs!!!!!

The Christmas party, costing £10,445, was attended by Mark Thompson, the director general of the BBC, and the “guest list” included some of the highest paid in the corporation such as Sir Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross and Jeremy Paxman.

The cost of the party were buried in expenses records released by the BBC Trust on Thursday which showed that Sir Michael Lyons, its chairman,
claimed £33,683 during a six month period.

Sir Michael claimed £15,000 for a chauffeur, although the Trust separated that cost in the figures
published last night, prompting questions over its commitment to transparency.

The expenses bill, released just a week after the Trust imposed a freeze on the bonuses of the corporation’s executives, comes after 7,200 job cuts were made at the BBC over the past four-and-a-half years, with another 1,200 to be made this year.

This set of  figures released by the Trust showed that Sir Michael, who lives in Birmingham and is a friend of the Prime Minister, claimed £9,616 in hotel bills and travel costs of £8,208. His expenses did not disclose the £14,567 cost of his chauffeur, which were contained elsewhere in the accounts…..So much for transparency then!!!!!!

The chairman’s expenses include £1,207 on “long distance cars”, including a £251 trip from BBC Television Centre in west London to his home in Birmingham following the final of Strictly Come Dancing in December. He claimed £1,206 on cars for short trips, including to and from Paddington to Lord’s cricket ground last summer.

The thirteen scroungers……Whoops sorry….Trustees, claimed a total of nearly £80,000 on entertaining, accommodation, food, travel and pay-TV
subscriptions in the six months.

Among the claims that were scrounged were tickets to launch of the Royal Opera House season, a premiere of a Bollywood film, a Morrissey concert and Scotland vs Wales in the Six Nations Rugby.

Last month Sir Michael laid himself open to accusations of hypocrisy after it was revealed that his salary package rose by 30 per cent to £213,000 last year while at the same time he was demanding cuts in costs from the BBC……Don’t forget that this “job” is part-time and completely unnecessary but it seems that under a Labour Government anyone awarded a Knighthood or Peerage also gets a seat on the “Gravy Train” .

BBC’s annual report disclosed that Sir Michael’s basic pay of 143,000 for the part-time position was boosted by a 70,000 benefits package – doubled from last year – which covered his travel costs to and from work, the use of a London chauffeur and overnight accommodation.

Sir Michael, a former chief executive of Birmingham City Council…….So he’s well qualified for slurping in the “trough” then…. Continues to live in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, and to commute to the BBC’s headquarters in London.

He sparked controversy when the last set of expenses were published in February 2009 when it was revealed that he hosted a £9,803.99 – Trip for ‘opinion formers’ to Wimbledon, July 1998……This only goes to prove that these people think that they are untouchable and live in an alternative universe.

The sooner all these public scroungers are removed from their “jobs” the better and the “Gravy Train Club” closed for good……COME THE REVOLUTION!!!!!

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