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Puppy Love?

Posted by Boghound on October 26, 2011

Puppy saves swimmer from drowning

A British puppy was hailed a hero after alerting his owner to a swimmer in difficulty.

A British puppy has been hailed a hero after summoning help for a drowning man.
Wilson spotted the swimmer in difficulty near Mumbles Lighthouse in Swansea and his barking attracted the attention of his owner lifeboat volunteer Richard Absalom who immediately jumped into action.

Mr. Absalom said: "Wilson does not like water, but he ran to the edge of the water and started barking. He was focused on a guy drifting between the two islands. It was after high tide and he was being dragged through. It’s perhaps one of the worst places to swim – there is a funnelling effect."
"At first we could not see the guy. We were worried he had gone under, but he had made his way onto the rocks.

"He was exhausted, and was very grateful. He kept apologising. We reassured him, and asked him if needed medical attention."

Mumbles lifeboat operations manager Tim Conway said: "It’s not every day we act on information from a pet but we’re looking forward to welcoming Wilson to the Mumbles lifeboat family as he is showing plenty of potential!"


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