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Honest….I Didn’t Inhale!

Posted by Boghound on December 20, 2012

Kentucky Mayor Resigns After Pot Bust

A Kentucky mayor resigned on Thursday after he was allegedly caught selling marijuana to an undercover informant, just a block away from an elementary school, WLEX-TV reported.

Authorities said Olive Hill Ky. Mayor Danny Sparks sold less than eight ounces of marijuana to a man of college age while in his truck Wednesday evening.

The mayor of Olive Hill since 2002, the local city council must accept his resignation before it’s official.

"Due to a very bad mistake that I have made tonight, and have failed the trust of the good people of Olive Hill, my friends and most of all, my family, I have decided with deep regret to resign tonight as mayor," Sparks wrote in a resignation letter printed in the Grayson Journal-Times.

The news caught the local community by surprise.

"Out of all people, Danny? I’m just shocked," said Sparks’ neighbor, Robert Davidson told WLEX-TV. "I was just dumb-founded."


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