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Posted by Boghound on December 16, 2012

Man Gets A Ticket After Being Hit By His Own Truck

No major injuries, but a citation from Massachusetts police

A Massachusetts man just couldn’t catch a break Monday when he got a ticket after being hit by a truck. What’s worse, the truck was his own.

Salem police responding to reports of a motor vehicle accident instead found Brian Reynolds, 40, lying facedown in the road, reported. Reynolds told police that the brakes on his 1987 Chevy locked up, so he opened the driver’s door and tried to stop the truck with his left foot. Reynolds next tried turning the vehicle up a hill, but fell out the open door. The truck then ran over his left leg before crashing into a fire hydrant, police said.

Reynolds was taken to Salem Hospital for what police said was road rash and a minor leg injury, reported. He was issued a $35 citation for driving with defective equipment.


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