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It’s Only Porn!!

Posted by Boghound on October 21, 2012

Anger as 18th century Napoleonic fort used for porn film

A pornographic movie was filmed at an historic 18th century fort just weeks after a £50,000 Lottery grant helped pay for it to re-open.

A pornographic movie was filmed at an historic 18th century fort just weeks after a £50,000 Lottery grant helped pay for it to re-open.

Playboy TV filmed a movie called ‘Tight Rider’ – a spoof of 80s hit series Knight Rider – starring ‘Michael Tight’ and Slovakian porn star Natali D’Angelo.

During the movie, Michael Tight is tied up on a leather chair by ‘thugs’ and forced to have sex with the blonde star, who has starred in more than 100 porno movies.

Filmakers paid more than £1,000 to hire the venue and the film was shown this week on the pay-per-view Adult Channel – attracting an audience of several thousand people.

But trustees at Fort Amherst in Chatham, Kent – Britain’s best surviving Napoleonic fortress – are furious that the filming was allowed to go ahead.

The film was shot in just 10 hours amongst the many tunnels at the historic fort – which only re-opened fully in May this year after a £50,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The fort is also part of Medway Council’s bid to get the area listed as a World Heritage Site.

Speaking this week, trustees of the Fort Amehurst Heritage Trust – a charitable trust – said the filming should never have taken place – and it is the chairman of the Trust at the time, Martin Rogers, has now left his post.

Trustee Matthew Hill said this week: "I think it absolutely appalling – there must be better ways of raising funds through filming rights."

He said he was demanding to know why filming was allowed and said he was urging the new chairman Edmund Gulvin to conduct a full investigation.

He told the Medway Messenger newspaper: "I think if you want to film a porn film do it in a warehouse or wherever they do it."

One volunteer at the fort, who did not want to be named, said this week: "It is disgusting that the fort has been used for the backdrop of a pornographic movie.

"How it ever happened it a mystery to me, but it certainly made me feel a bit seedy when I went back to work."

Trust chairman Edmund Gulvin said: "Fort Amherst confirms that a professional film company in the adult entertainment industry filmed scenes at Fort Amherst during May this year.

"The contract was handled by a third party location company employed by us and was a private hiring of the fort.

"The filming was conducted under a closed set policy and there was no public access to the set at any time during the filming."

The fort was built in 1755 to protect Chatham Dockyard from a Napoleonic invasion, but is now a tourist attraction described by English Heritage as ‘the most complete Napoleonic fortification in Britain’.

It is regularly used by paranormal investigators, who hire it for between £350-£500 a night to conduct investigations and it is also widely used by battle re-enactment societies.

The fort – which has 14 acres of batteries, bastions and tunnels -.was also used in the in the 1986 film The Mission starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons.


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It’s Raining….Chickens??

Posted by Boghound on October 20, 2012

Teenager hit by raw chicken fallen from the sky

A teenager was lucky not to be injured after being hit by raw piece of chicken that fell from the sky

Cassie Bernand was enjoying a horse riding lesson with his instructor on a clear, cloudless day when a number of poultry pieces rained down around them, with one striking him clean on the bonce.

‘Three objects fell out of the sky in front of us, two larger and one quite small,’ explained instructor Jennifer Cording with nobody any clearer as to how the incident happened.

Officials from a nearby Tyson Foods Inc. processing plant denied that the chicken emanated from there, while local land protection manager, Milton Johnston, said it was likely that the parts came from improperly composted dead chickens on a nearby farm.

‘We can’t have pieces of chicken falling out of the sky,’ he remarked.

Avian expert Bryan D Watts has suggested that high-flying gulls carrying chicken in their mouths are probably to blame.

Ms Cording called a premature end to the lesson after the incident and said it will be discussed for a long time to come.

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It’s Good To Talk??

Posted by Boghound on October 19, 2012

French Woman Gets $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill

The French woman said that it took several days for the company to fix the mistake.

A French woman “nearly had a heart attack” after she opened her latest phone bill and found that she was being charged the equivalent of 15 quadrillion U.S. dollars, French newspaper Sud Ouest reported.

Solenne San Jose, from the Bordeaux suburb of Pessac, wanted to suspend her phone account because she had recently lost her job as a nanny. When her bill arrived, it showed she owed €11,721,000,000,000,000. According to the French newspaper, this is 5,872 times the GDP of France in 2011.

“There were so many zeros, I couldn’t even work out how much it was,” San Jose told Sud Ouest.

When she reached out to phone company Bouygues Telecom – owned by Martin Buyogues,  billionaire and friend of Nicolas Sarkozy–  customer service reps said that there was nothing they could do. One employee even said that “it’s calculated automatically,” according to Sud Ouest. 

San Jose said that it took several days for the company to fix the mistake and make the correction. The woman only owed €117.21 ($152), Sud Ouest reported.

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Eat Up?

Posted by Boghound on October 18, 2012

Pair banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant for eating too much

Two men have been banned from an all-you-can-eat restaurant after their appetites left the manager fearing for the future of his business.

George Dalmon, a former rugby player, and his friend Andy Miles were banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant, Gobi, In Brighton, after the manager branded "a couple of pigs".

The men would each eat five bowls of stir-fry during their regular meals at the Mongolian barbecue, which invites guests to create their own dishes from the buffet.

Diners are told they can request meals "as many times as you wish" for £12.

The manager, who did not want to be named, said the two friends were eating him out of business. He said: "Basically they just come in and pig out. We have put up with them for two years but I’ve had enough.

"They are in such a hurry to beat everyone to the food they spoil everything. We are supposed to be a buffet but they eat everything out of the bowls before people can get there. We just can’t keep doing this."

He said diners drank only water and never paid the optional service charge. He added: "We are not a charity, we’re a business. It’s our restaurant and we can tell people not to come back if we don’t want them to."

But Mr Dalmon, 26, said the restaurant should honour its promotion. He said: "They’ve only got small bowls and you can’t get enough in there so we always go back for more.

"We’ve been eating there for a couple of years then suddenly the owner came to our table in front of all the customers and went absolutely mental. He said we were a couple of pigs and we were banned for life. I couldn’t believe it."

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Head Banger??

Posted by Boghound on October 17, 2012

Pedestrian gets head trapped in rubbish bin

A hapless pedestrian had to be rescued by the emergency services after getting his head trapped in a rubbish bin.

A 52-year-old became wedged as he put his head into a garbage can to try and retrieve an object, thought to be a cigarette, from inside.

Police, fire crews and an ambulance rushed to the scene in Aberdeen, Scotland, where crowds had gathered to watch the bizarre rescue unfold.

Fire crews spent 15 minutes cutting the top off the 4ft high bin with a high-powered saw normally used for cutting people out of vehicles.

He was then taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where he was treated for cuts to his face before being discharged.

Ian Anderson, a bar worker at nearby Archibald Simpson’s pub, said the rescue had amused locals and visitors to the city.

He said: "I thought it must have been a fire that had been put out by the time I walked past, because there was no smoke or flames.

"When I got to the pub and people told me the real story, I could not believe it. Everyone was talking about it, and having a laugh about the commotion it caused."

A spokesman for Grampian Police said: "We are unsure what he was looking for or what he had lost, and whether he found it.

"We can also confirm that there were no criminal charges resulting from the incident."

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The UK’s Worse!

Posted by Boghound on October 16, 2012

Most Complained about ISPs in UK

TalkTalk was labeled the most complained ISP in the country, according to recent Ofcom survey. The information, collected by Ofcom, includes phone, broadband and pay TV complaints on a quarterly basis. As for the fixed broadband services, the biggest number of complains were those for TalkTalk: 0.042% of all its services about line faults or other service troubles.

Despite the fact that the number of TalkTalk complaints reduced from the previous quarter (0.056%), the figure still doubles the national average. The second most complained about ISP is BT Retail (0.031%). As for the best broadband provider, it turned out to be Sky Broadband, which only has 0.01% complaining subscribers.

TalkTalk was not only the worst ISP, it also doubled the average number of complaints for its phone services (0.053%), while BT was the second worst with its 0.019%. It wasn’t the first time that the Internet service provider was shown up by Ofcom: for instance, 2011 results were even worse, and TalkTalk also faced a hefty fine for misleading its subscribers. Of course, the company promised to work hard and make sure its service improves, first of all paying attention to the number of complaints. This quarter, for example, the ISP received its lowest ever number of complaints: 35% less than during the same period last year. However, the company understands there’s still a lot of work and keeps to push through improvements.

TalkTalk explained that technical faults are usually fixed faster, with offering more support when subscribers move house. In addition, the company’s online support system, which is currently responsible for 70% of customer contacts, is being constantly improved as well. TalkTalk promised to continue offering great value to its 5,000,000 customers.

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Penis Envy??

Posted by Boghound on October 15, 2012

British men more well-endowed than French…but smaller than Germans

British men have bigger penises than those in France – but are less well endowed than Germans, research suggests.

British men typically have bigger penises than the French – but are less well endowed than German guys, new research claims.

The average British man’s penis is apparently 5.5in when erect – coming ahead of the French at 5.3in, Australians (5.2in), Americans (5.1in) and Irish (5in).

And it towers over the average manhood in North and South Korea – the smallest in the study at a mere 3.8 in.

But British men do not have a great deal to shout about in the trouser stakes – coming only 78th out of 113 nationalities covered in the study.

The men of Africa’s Republic of Congo are best equipped of all at 7.1 in.

They are closely followed by Ecuadoreans at 7in, Ghanaians at 6.8in and Colombians at 6.7in.

In Europe, Icelanders are the best endowed at 6.5in and the Irish are the second smallest at 5.03in – behind only Romanians at 5.01in.

Africans have the biggest penises at an average of 6.3in and north-east Asians the smallest at 4.2in.

Brits come in just under the Germans, who are bang on the European average of 5.7in.

The sensitive subject has been tackled by Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University.

He is known for voicing the controversial view that evolutionary pressures have led to racial and national differences in intelligence.

Mr Lynn says that the findings confirm previous theories of "race differences in penis length."

He concludes: "For most populations penis length are predictable and confirmed."

But critics have claimed that Mr Lynn’s research is flawed because he has admitted gathering his data on penis length from websites.

Jelte Wicherts, professor of methodology at Tilburg University, Holland, said: "This is a brave paper in a controversial area but the data has no methodology."

The research is published in scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Average penis size by country:

Republic of Congo, 7.1

Ecuador, 7

Ghana, 6.8

Colombia 6.7

Iceland 6.5

Italy 6.2

South Africa 6

Sweden 5.9

Greece 5.8

Germany 5.7

New Zealand 5.5

UK 5.5

Canada 5.5

Spain 5.5

France 5.3

Australia 5.2

Russia 5.2

USA 5.1

Ireland 5

Romania 5

China 4.3

India 4

Thailand 4

South Korea 3.8

North Korea 3.8

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It’s A Fair Cop Gov!!

Posted by Boghound on October 14, 2012

‘Crime reducing’ cardboard policeman is stolen

A cardboard policeman used as a crime prevention aid has been stolen from a supermarket.

The six-foot tall life-size figure, named PC Bobb, was placed in a Sainsbury’s Local store to deter shoplifters.

The model was stolen last Saturday evening and photos of it have appeared on social networking sites, including appearing at several house parties since being stolen from the shop in Shafton, Barnsley.
A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: "It is bizarre that someone would want to steal our cardboard copper PC Bobb. We’d got used to having him being around and hope he is returned in one piece."
The props have been placed in the windows of stores around Barnsley as a crime prevention measure.

Forces had argued the cut-outs would boost public confidence, deter criminals and make the police more ‘approachable’.

Greater Manchester Police claimed the presence of a cardboard policeman at an Asda story in Leigh had cut shoplifting by 75 per cent.

However in 2010 Essex Police abandoned a £2000 scheme of 20 cardboard police officers dotted around after they were stolen.

Members of the public claimed they were a waste of funds and placed the public at risk of ridicule.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "The trial of the cardboard police officers shows they had very little effect on crime or antisocial behaviour and we will not be continuing with their use."

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Posted by Boghound on October 13, 2012

Buddhist statue discovered by Nazis is made of meteorite

A 1,000-year-old Buddhist statue discovered in Tibet by Nazis searching for the origins of the Aryan race was hewn from meteorite, scientists have found.

The "Iron Man" statue, which bears a swastika on its chest, was brought back to Germany in 1938 after being found in Tibet by a team of SS members led by zoologist Ernst Schäfer.

The expedition was backed by Heinrich Himmler, the SS chief, who believed that the secret origin of the entire Aryan race could be uncovered in Tibet.

Now the first scientific study of the statue’s origins by experts from Stuttgart University has found that it is made of ataxite, a rare type of iron meteorite with a high nickel content.

Experts concluded it had been chiselled from a remnant of the Chinga meteorite which fell to Earth near the border of Mongolia and Siberia 15,000 years ago.

Meteorites were worshipped by a host of ancient cultures including the Inuits of Greenland and Australia’s aborigines.

The 10kg Iron Man statue, believed have originated from the 11th century Bon culture, depicts the god Vaisravana, the Buddhist King of the North, who is also known in Tibet as Jambhala.

After being brought to Munich in 1938 it was included in a private collection and was only made available for scientists to analyse after it was auctioned in 2007.

Dr Elmar Buchner, who led the study published in the Meteoritics and Planetary Science journal, said: "While the first debris was officially discovered in 1913 by gold prospectors, we believe that this individual meteorite fragment was collected many centuries before.

“The Iron Man statue is the only known illustration of a human figure to be carved into a meteorite, which means we have nothing to compare it to when assessing value.

"Its origins alone may value it at $20,000 (£12,500); however, if our estimation of its age is correct and it is nearly a thousand years old it could be invaluable.”

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Sat – Navs Blindness??

Posted by Boghound on October 12, 2012

Sat navs can ‘blind’ drivers to the road

Driving with a sat nav can make you blind to pedestrians because trying to hold an image of the screen in your mind makes you ignore what is in front of your eyes, according to a new study.

Focusing on the detail of something we have just seen diverts our attention away from things happening around us and results in an effect known as "inattentional blindness".

While our eyes continue to see things in their path, the visual messages seem not to reach the brain when we are concentrating on something else because its ability to process information is limited, researchers said.

The most famous example of the phenomenon is the famous "invisible gorilla" experiment, where people watching a group of players passing a basketball around do not notice a man in a gorilla suit walking across the screen.

The new study shows that even without the distraction of several moving objects in front of us, we can still become "blinded" simply by trying to remember an image.

Researchers from University College London showed a group of volunteers images containing different coloured squares and asked them to hold them in their mind, and told to expect a flash of light.

The study, published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, showed that they were less likely to detect the flash when they were concerned with trying to remember the image than when their mind was unoccupied.

Scans of the participants’ brains as they carried out the task revealed a lower level activity in the brain region which processes incoming visual information while the patients were trying to recall the image.

Prof Nilli Lavie, who led the study, said: "An example of where this is relevant in the real world is when people are following directions on a sat nav whilst driving.

"Our research would suggest that focusing on remembering the directions we’ve just seen on the screen means that we’re more likely to fail to observe other hazards around us on the road, for example an approaching motorbike or a pedestrian on a crossing, even though we may be ‘looking’ at where we’re going,”

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