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Posted by Boghound on October 25, 2012

Mystery eyeball washes up on Florida beach

A mysterious eyeball has washed up on a beach in the US, leaving scientists baffled as to where it came from.

The big blue eyeball was found by a man named Gino Covacci on Pompano Beach, Florida.

Covacci told Florida’s Sun Sentinel newspaper that he kicked the stange object along the beach when he first saw it, until he realised what it was.

"It was very, very fresh, it was still bleeding when I put it in the plastic bag," he recalled.

Covacci notified a police officer, who then gave him the phone number for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

No-one there has been able to say where the eyeball may have come from.

Charles Messing, a professor at Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Centre, said that he thinks the most likely candidate is a swordfish.

The wildlife commission has said that identification could take some time, although scientists are starting to narrow it down.


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