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The UK’s Worse!

Posted by Boghound on October 16, 2012

Most Complained about ISPs in UK

TalkTalk was labeled the most complained ISP in the country, according to recent Ofcom survey. The information, collected by Ofcom, includes phone, broadband and pay TV complaints on a quarterly basis. As for the fixed broadband services, the biggest number of complains were those for TalkTalk: 0.042% of all its services about line faults or other service troubles.

Despite the fact that the number of TalkTalk complaints reduced from the previous quarter (0.056%), the figure still doubles the national average. The second most complained about ISP is BT Retail (0.031%). As for the best broadband provider, it turned out to be Sky Broadband, which only has 0.01% complaining subscribers.

TalkTalk was not only the worst ISP, it also doubled the average number of complaints for its phone services (0.053%), while BT was the second worst with its 0.019%. It wasn’t the first time that the Internet service provider was shown up by Ofcom: for instance, 2011 results were even worse, and TalkTalk also faced a hefty fine for misleading its subscribers. Of course, the company promised to work hard and make sure its service improves, first of all paying attention to the number of complaints. This quarter, for example, the ISP received its lowest ever number of complaints: 35% less than during the same period last year. However, the company understands there’s still a lot of work and keeps to push through improvements.

TalkTalk explained that technical faults are usually fixed faster, with offering more support when subscribers move house. In addition, the company’s online support system, which is currently responsible for 70% of customer contacts, is being constantly improved as well. TalkTalk promised to continue offering great value to its 5,000,000 customers.

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