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Hacked Off!!

Posted by Boghound on October 10, 2012

French Hacker Released after Court Hearing

An individual who admitted that he managed to find his way into a bank server was released at the court building, because judges ruled he did nothing wrong.

A Breton citizen was recently acquitted by the criminal court of Rennes, with the judges claiming that there was no mens rea in the case in question, which in this country means that the defendant can walk free.

Media reports say that the individual’s brief Sipa Laudic-Hélène Baron revealed that four years ago an unemployed individual was trying to avoid premium rate numbers through Skype. He entered a random number and then dialed the code 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Finally, he arrived at the debt service of the Bank of France. However, he had no idea where he was, as no message showed him.

In the meantime, the Bank of France detected his “hack” and called the police who fell on the individual with the full weight of the lure. Actually, it wasn’t that difficult to find the hacker, because he had logged his name and address on Skype. However, it took the police almost 2 years to tail the individual to Paris and arrest him.

Apparently, the police were furious, because they admitted to book some of the best computer hacking minds in the country in order to examine the individual’s server and find everything about his elaborate hacking scheme. However, when they saw his ancient and cheap PC, they couldn’t believe this was the gear the hacker would use to break the security of one of top banks in the country. Even after the individual explained everything and showed how he did that, they were still insisting on charging him with hacking. Finally, the case is solved in hacker’s favour.

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