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Buried Treasure?

Posted by Boghound on June 21, 2012

Treasure chest hoax fools beach goers

Practical jokers buried a treasure chest on a popular beach under the cover of darkness – then ‘discovered’ and dug it up the next day.

The pranksters staged the stunt on LA’s busy Venice Beach and posted a video of beach goers’ reaction to their ‘find’ on YouTube.

They used metal-detectors to supposedly find the old chest, which they had filled with gold foil-covered chocolate coins, reports the Standard-Examiner.

They then dug it up with spades, as a growing crowd gathered around them, before finally opening the chest to reveal the ‘treasure’.

Joker Johnny Burdock said one of his friends came up with the idea. They bought a chest for $100, piled it on top of Burdock’s car, then drove it to LA.

They buried it in the early hours of Sunday morning and then returned later that day when the beach was packed with visitors.

"By the time we hit the treasure with the shovel – thump! – there was a pretty big crowd. The people gathered around start screaming with excitement," he said.

"We had maybe 100 to 150 people surrounding us, and we pry one of the ends of the chest lid open and we act like we’re trying as hard as we can.

"Me and my friends flip the lid open all at once, quickly, and everyone sees shining, shimmering gold coins, and everyone goes crazy, and some of them start jumping in to try to steal the coins."


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