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We Always Get Our Man!

Posted by Boghound on June 14, 2012

Mounties nab man who left cellphone in off-duty cop’s car

Mounties have a man in custody after a crook busted into an off-duty officer’s car and left a cellphone behind.

B.C. RCMP said prior to the arrest, they were keeping a close eye on a spiking number of car thefts in the small B.C. town.

The cellphone was found inside an off-duty officer’s vehicle Tuesday.

The phone, Mounties say, belonged to Derek Arthor Mitchell, a 28-year-old convicted sex offender who had a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest.

Mitchell — who is facing charges in Alberta for ditching his parole officer — was later arrested by Mounties on Wednesday in a home in the B.C. town.

Charges are pending against the man.

“This is a prime example of how dedicated police work and community involvement can solve crimes,” RCMP Const. Lesley Smith said.

“This small community is known to work closely with their RCMP detachment as everyone has the same priority of ensuring it remains a safe and secure community to live in.”


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