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But Is It Art?

Posted by Boghound on June 2, 2012

Row over macabre cartoon art

A concept artist is facing fury over a new exhibition showing children’s cartoon characters meeting gruesome ends.

Patricia Waller, from Berlin, Germany, depicts SpongeBob SquarePants as a suicide bomber and shows Winnie the Pooh hanging with a noose around his neck.

Others show Hello Kitty about to commit Hara-Kiri with a sword at her chest and Minnie Mouse lying in a pool of blood.

Ms Waller, 49, explained: "This show is about heroes and failure. Heroes serve a role model function that reflects our longing for something special, but I wanted to show what happens when they fail."

Other exhibits at Galerie Deschler Broken Heroes feature Sesame Street’s Ernie as a down and out living in the gutter and Superman smashed into a wall.

Angry parents say Ms Waller "should be ashamed" but gallery owner Simone Deschler insisted: "The exhibit is really popular."


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