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What’s In a Name?

Posted by Boghound on May 21, 2012

F***ing village to change its name after being bombarded by prank callers

Prank callers have proved the final straw for the mayor of F***ing, who will hold a vote this week about whether to change the name of the village.

Callers have been ringing up families and businesses simply to ask: ‘Is that F***ing’ – before laughing and hanging up.

Signs have been stolen, while the ones that remain often have seen naked couples getting frisky in front of them.

US servicemen from across the border in Germany prompted the last vote on the subject in 1996 after driving to the Austrian village just to be photographed by a sign.

The 16th-century name for the village was ‘Fugging’ and many want this reinstated.

Mayor Franz Meindl added: ‘I wanted the name to stay but it’s got too much now. The only problem is we need all of the F***ing residents to agree.’

If the change goes ahead, it will follow the Stade de Suisse stadium in Bern, Switzerland, which was called W**kdorf before bands were too embarrassed to play there.

At least other Austrian villages, such as Oberf***ing and Windpassing, will keep pranksters amused.


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