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Intelligent Hacker?

Posted by Boghound on May 19, 2012

Half-Naked Australian Woman Led to American Hacker

Photos of a lightly clad Australian girl resulted in the arrest of a hacker who is claimed to break into American law enforcement and government sites. Higinio Ochoa III seemed to be great at breaking into police sites, but failed to hide when it came to half-naked Aussie woman.

Ochoa, known as a member of an Anonymous off-shoot, was charged by the US authorities with hacking into the online services of at least 4 American law enforcement websites. The local media confirmed that the guy was caught thanks to a headless picture of a bikini-clad woman in Wantirna South, who held a message taunting American authorities, which was posted on the Internet.

The FBI explained that a Twitter account named @AnonW0rmer has led the followers to a site where they could find data lifted from the law enforcement websites. The bottom of the site featured a picture of a girl known as Ochoa’s Australian girlfriend. She held a sign saying “PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u BiTch’s”.

However, the photo contained data that revealed it was taken by iPhone, including GPS co-ordinates indicating the Wantirna South street, as well as the house where it was taken. Twitter account had another link that led the FBI to a site that railed against oppression by police departments across the globe. This one revealed a picture of a woman holding a sign saying “We Are ALL Anonymous We NEVERForgive.

We NEVER Forget. <3 @Anonw0rmer.” Of course, it was the same woman and the authorities found 2 references to the pseudonym “’w0rmer’” on unconnected websites, one of which had hacker’s name.

His apartment was put under surveillance, and then the FBI found the hacker’s Facebook page, which named an Australian girl as his mate – the same woman in the picture in South Wantirna.


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