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It’s All In A Name??

Posted by Boghound on May 11, 2012

Austria and Slovenia row over sausages

An argument has broken out between Austria and Slovenia over the naming of a regional sausage.

Slovenia wants the Krainer sausage to be given special protected EU status, similar to champagne, Parmesan and the Cornish pasty.

Slovenia claims that the minced pork sausage was invented in northern Slovenia in the 19th Century.

But Slovenia’s plans have upset Austria, where they believe the sausage is their own. Their cheese-filled variation of the sausage, the Kaesekrainer, is a great favourite.

Josef Bitzinger from the Vienna Chamber of Commerce told the BBC that the sausage was part of Austria’s heritage, and renaming it would be unthinkable.

"To rename this beloved speciality is simply impossible," he said in a statement.

"Vienna sausage stands are a trademark of the city and Kaesekrainers have to be on offer. Frankfurter sausages are called Wiener Wuerstel in Germany and that is not a problem."

Slovenia is applying to the European Commission for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, because of the meat’s connection to the Kranjska region.

Austria has said it will challenge the bid.

If the two countries cannot resolve the issue in the next six months, the European Commission will make a ruling.


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