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Posted by Boghound on April 20, 2012

New Tool for Searching and Downloading

The new instrument allows for torrent search links for a number of torrent trackers, including The Pirate Bay, Google Torrent, iMDB, Demonoid, AllSubs, Rotten Tomatoes, and YouTube Trailer search links.

Noah Keller, known for his work as a developer for Greasemonkey, has written a script named The Pirate Helper. This new tool adds search links to the largest BitTorrent trackers like TPB, Demonoid, Google Torrent, AllSubs, iMDB, and others, thus making downloading both user-friendlier and smarter.

Upon installing The Pirate Helper, the user will be able to search for films, read their reviews, watch the trailers, and even read the list of the cast and crew. In addition, the tool will add torrent search links for the most popular trackers. Among the features of the new instrument there are automatic updates, auto remove torrents with no seeds on The Pirate Bay, UI Tweaks, and many others.

Google Chrome users can simply visit the download page, press the button saying “Install” and follow the steps as described on the page. Firefox users will have before installing to add the GreaseMonkey Extension to the browser.

The official website of The Pirate Helper lists the following features:

– automatic checks for updates every day, so the user will always have the latest version;
– making search form order by seeds from highest to lowest by default on TPB;
– auto removing torrents with zero seeds on TPB;
– random UI Tweaks on TPB;

When you view a film on iMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, it would open the results in a new tab if you click the favicon link.
In order to update the tool manually, visit a site that supports it, right-click on the GreaseMonkey icon, choose “User script commands…”, “Update ‘The Pirate Helper’” and that’s it.


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