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Posted by Boghound on April 16, 2012

Woman sues over ‘sex-crazed’ roommate

Claiming that her complaints about a sexually overactive roommate went unheeded by her former college, a woman is suing the school for not doing enough to rescue her.

According to, Lindsay Blankmeyer said in a federal lawsuit that she suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder before she enrolled at Stonehill College, near Boston, but was driven into a suicidal depression after school officials wouldn’t give her housing alternatives to get her away from her roommate.

Blankmeyer, who graduated last year, said her roommate had sex with her boyfriend while she was trying to sleep just feet away and also participated in "sexually inappropriate video chatting" while Blankmeyer was in the dorm room.

In the lawsuit, Blankmeyer says the college offered her two options: One was moving to another dorm, where she would live in a room that was previously used as a study lounge and was a "small cubicle-like space." The other option was to move to a dorm with a reputation as a "party dorm" to live with a girl Blankmeyer did not know.

"Stonehill refused Lindsay’s request for a single room, and in the following weeks and months Lindsay fell into a dark and suicidal depression, requiring her to take a leave of absence from school and undergo extensive psychiatric and medical treatment," the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Boston states.

Stonehill spokeswoman Kristen Magda said in the report the college responded "swiftly and professionally" to Blackmeyer’s complaints about her roommate, first trying to resolve the dispute through mediation with a residence director, then by giving Blankmeyer "multiple options" for campus housing, including a private room.

"At no time did the student notify college staff that her concerns involved her roommate’s sexual activity," Magda told


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