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Posted by Boghound on March 5, 2012

Church could have century-old bell chiming silenced by insomniac

A 12th Century church whose bells have automatically chimed every hour for more than a century could be silenced at night following complaints from a resident with insomnia.

The peals from St Peter and Paul Church have tolled on the hour, every hour, from the early 1900s when the eight bells were electronically linked to a timer.

But the historic chimes could become a thing of the past after Harriet Higgins, a nearby resident claimed they were disturbing her sleep.

Miss Higgins, 41, who lives 150 yards from the church in Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire, claims the tolls have kept her awake each night for six years.

The mother-of-two has now submitted a formal complaint to the local diocese in the hope of silencing the bells until morning.

Other villagers however are furious at the prospect of having the bells silenced.

Retired fruit and vegetable seller Richard Preston, 62, said: “I have lived here for 62 years and I can’t say it has ever bothered me.

Its eight bells are electronically linked to a timer to chime on the hour.

They began chiming once on the hour from the early 1900s and have continued every night since.

The only time the bells were silenced was for three weeks last year when the clock face was regilded.

So……..Let’s get this straight…..If you start to live next to a church…..You are amazed that it’s bell ring….Or…..If you live next to a farm….You are shocked at the smells and noise of the farm animals….HOW STRANGE……


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