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Underground Search Engine!

Posted by Boghound on March 3, 2012

Search Engine on Dodgy Goods Launched

There’s a new search engine out there that is going to become the Google of underground services. New site has opened its doors to promise the users that they would be able to find punters shops offering a wide range of dodgy goods and services, including stolen credit card numbers, identity data and anonymity instruments.

Although similar search websites already exist, they normally demand visitors to create accounts and sign in to be able to search for stolen credit cards and other unauthorized activities. Meanwhile, is going to let buyers find the fraud shops holding the cards they are searching for without having to create accounts and sign up at each shop. The service is able to aggregate information about compromised payment cards and points users to different fraud shops that sell them.

According to security experts, the creator of the search engine insists that the service itself doesn’t store compromised card numbers or any data about the card holders. What it does instead is work with card stores owners to index the first 6 digits of all compromised account numbers that those offer for sale. Those 6 digits are actually BIN (Bank Identification Number). In other words, they identify which bank issued the certain card. When MegaSearch visitors search by BIN, they are provided links to different fraud stores that are currently selling cards issued by the corresponding bank.

The unnamed search engine founder explained that users spend much time searching through stores, so he believed it would be a great idea to make it easier. The site owner makes his money from a small advertising fee from the shops. As a result, both sides benefit from this cooperation – while stolen card information grows less reliable with time, fraud stores indexed by MegaSearch have a chance to clear their inventory much faster.

The search engine revealed that Citibank credit cards appeared the most sought-after. Also very popular are the cards issued by FIA Card Services, Capital One and Chase. The site owner promised that over the next few weeks they would offer extra services, such as social security numbers and the addresses of hacked computers that paying users would be able to use as a relay to anonymize their Internet communications.


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