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Phew….That’s A Long One!!

Posted by Boghound on February 23, 2012

Bear shocks onlookers as it unravels massive tongue in Florida zoo

A bear shocked onlookers as it unravelled its massive tongue to yawn while relaxing in a tree at Miami Zoo in Florida.

Kala, a Malayan sun bear, was caught on camera by photographer Adrian Tavano, who spotted the 19-year-old as she woke from a nap and flexed her muscles.

Sun bears usually use their extra long tongue, which can reach up to ten inches, to eat termites hidden deep inside trees.

Mr Tavano, 39, from Miami, said: ‘The bear exhibit is very nice and visitors have a clear view of the animals.

‘Kala loves to sleep on top of this tree, which was about 20 metres from where I was.

‘I think she had just woken up and had a yawn, so she is not licking the tree but it looks like it.’


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