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It’s Only A Game?

Posted by Boghound on November 26, 2011

Man stabbed over alleged Monopoly cheating

There is no card in Monopoly that advises a player to stab another.

There is, however, one that orders you to go to jail.

And that’s where a New Mexico woman found herself after a game of Monopoly with her boyfriend and 10-year-old son turned bloody.

Convinced he was cheating, Laura Chavez, 60, of Santa Fe, N.M., grabbed a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed Clyde "Butch" Smith.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, "[The boy] stated his grandma, Laura, and [her boyfriend] were both drinking a beer from the same can while playing the game (of Monopoly.) [The boy] further advised that during the time they were playing the game, his grandma and [her boyfriend] started to argue because she thought [the boyfriend] was cheating at Monopoly."

The paper reported that after police responded to a call at the home in southwest Santa Fe Wednesday, they found 48-year-old Smith "bleeding heavily from his head and right wrist area."

Chavez – who police say admitted stabbing the man – was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a household member with a deadly weapon, battery upon a peace officer, assault upon a peace officer and resisting or evading a police officer.

Smith, meanwhile, remained hospitalized late Wednesday but was in stable condition.


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