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Planking Is Dead!!

Posted by Boghound on November 19, 2011

Move over planking, there’s a new boss hog in town: “Tebowing”

Planking is dead. Owling has jumped the shark. Tebow did it. When the almighty Timmy Tebow rallied the Broncos from a 15-0 deficit to defeat the hapless Miami Dolphins 18-15 in overtime, something magical happened. While everybody else on the Broncos’ sideline was whooping it up as they moved in to swamp their kicker Matt Prater with football love, Tim Tebow was busy kneeling down for an impromptu one-on-one with the J-man. A photograph was snapped and an era was born.

Now that our nation has finally gotten over ripping off Australia’s prized ‘planking’ craze, we need something new to Tumblr about at work. And just in time, a nation turns its lonely eyes to a kneeling Tebow, who thankfully will probably never understand the sarcastic undertones that come with people mocking your champion pose in odd situations and then sending them to a Tumblr that aggregates all of the photos. And that’s why we love you, Timmy. Tebow on.


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