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The Getaway Driver!

Posted by Boghound on October 30, 2011

Police ‘chase’ 10mph pensioner for 27 miles

A 76-year-old woman from Essex was stopped by police after a chase that lasted 27 miles.
Caroline Turner was driving between 10 and 20mph for the duration of the chase, in which she refused to pull over for police.

The incident happened on October 4 when Turner drove the wrong way around a roundabout, according to The Daily Telegraph.

She was then tailed by a police car until the officer used his emergency flashing lights.

Turner, of Gidea Park, Romford, ignored the lights and continued driving. Police then set up a road block before her. The woman eventually pulled over eight miles into a dual carriageway after the pursuing officer got out of his car and ran alongside her, knocking on her window.

After being stopped, the pensioner reportedly said: "Why, what have I done?"

Turner appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court, where she admitted driving without due care and attention and failing to stop when asked by police.

Bench chairman Barry Wheatcroft banned her from driving for a year, telling her: "The safety of the public is paramount, and your driving yesterday was a demonstration of driving which was careless bordering on dangerous."

Turner was also told to pay £200 in fines and costs.


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