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Fight For Your Country?

Posted by Boghound on October 12, 2011

Bus ignores war veteran, 98

A bus company has apologised after a partially sighted war veteran was repeatedly ignored at a bus stop.

Joseph Munroe, 98, from North Shields is registered blind, and lives alone.

He claims that his local service refused to pick him up claiming he was abusing his bus pass.

A Nexus spokesperson said: "We’re very sorry for the experience Mr Munroe has had. If there is a particular problem with a driver, we want it sorting out quickly."

He added: "We’ve been in contact with the bus company that provide this service on our behalf to make sure in the future Mr Munroe is always picked up."

The problems occurred on the 333, a service in North Shields which runs in a loop. Mr Munroe said he sometimes boarded the bus in the wrong direction when it was cold in order to stay warm.

He said a driver then told him, "you’re not coming on this bus, wait for the next one", and that since then the bus had driven past him at the bus stop.

Mr Munroe said: "I’m speaking to Nexus myself to get this sorted.

"First one driver told me I couldn’t get on, so I called up and made a complaint, and now [two] drivers on the route have told me I’m barred."


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