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Breast Is Best??

Posted by Boghound on October 8, 2011

Man goes on breast milk diet

A man has gone on a diet of breast milk because he prefers the taste and finds it helps his digestives problems.

A first-time father is going on a diet of breast milk.

The blogger – who is identified only as Curtis – wants to see how long he can survive on the product because he and wife Katie have "hundreds of bottles" of the frozen milk in the freezer and he doesn’t want them to go to waste.

Writing on, he wrote: "I am a first time father of a 9-month-old baby girl. Naturally I was curious what breast milk tastes like, as I am sure most people are.

"Fresh breast milk is sweeter and a bit more watery than cow milk. The breast milk also helped settle my stomach after having some digestive problems. I prefer the taste of breast milk over cow milk.

"My wife has hundreds of bottles of frozen breast milk in the freezer that our baby will never have a chance to drink before they get too old. Since breast milk is healthy and we have plenty of it, why not just drink it all myself?"

Katie looked into donating her spare frozen breast milk but the couple were unable to give it away.


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