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Posted by Boghound on September 2, 2011

Sex-crazed thief smashes into adult store with truck to steal £485 sex toy

A man has broken into an adult store in Ohio, using a stolen truck, in order to steal one of the most expensive sex toys on the market.

The unnamed man is said to have taken a red truck and trailer, which he then used to ram his way through the front of the AdultMart store.

The deed appeared to be all in order to get his hands on the $800 (£485) product – described as a ‘makeshift vagina’.

Detective Tony Kovacs of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department described the crime as ‘definitely weird’.

‘It’s kind of crazy to steal a vehicle that is that expensive to break into a store to get some kind of sex toy,’ he said.

The suspect is said to have broken into a nearby business where the truck was parked, and unlocked.

He then proceeded to drive down to the AdultMart, crashed into the front of the shop and headed directly for the item.

Police said they suspect he was a regular visitor, as he appeared to know exactly where it was straight away.

John Tirbaso, owner of the JT recycling lot from where the truck was stolen, said he was ‘shocked’.

‘I even said, "Wow, you know this economy is bad, I guess this stuff is going to happen", then, when he told me what happened it just threw me off,’ he explained.

After looking at CCTV footage, Tirbaso confirmed it was not one of his employees who stole the vehicle.

Strangely enough, the alleged thief returned the truck once he had retrieved the object of his desire.

The same AdultMart was burgled in September 2009 when a man drove a car into the back of the business, stole a sex toy, then left through the front of the store, all the time remaining in the vehicle.


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