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Thick As A Plank?

Posted by Boghound on July 9, 2011

Planking teen’s ‘stupidity’

A magistrate in Britain has lashed out at a teenager who lay on one of the country’s busiest railway tracks to be photographed planking.

The 14-year-old had his picture taken laying across the train tracks on the East Coast Main Line.

The York Youth Court was told that a train was passing on another track as the picture was taken.

Britain’s Daily Mirror and Daily Mail newspapers reported prosecutor Kathryn Reeves telling the court that the youth admitted laying on the tracks and that a friend stood on a fence to take the pictures.

Miss Reeves said he told police he did it as he "had nothing else to do".

The teenager narrowly avoided jail. He was ordered to go before a juveniles justice panel.

Magistrate Horsfield said: "This can only be described as an act of total stupidity. It isn’t brave at all, is it?"


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