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Croaked It!!

Posted by Boghound on May 23, 2011

German man accused of shooting neighbour’s frogs

A German man will be in court Thursday after his neighbour’s frogs croaked for the last time before being shot during mating season.

The newspaper Rheinische Post reports last July, a 47-year-old man allegedly shot two of his neighbour’s pond frogs with an air gun around 2 a.m. One of the frogs died instantly, while the other died the next day.

The two men involved in the froggy fight lived in the same housing complex in Krefeld, a small city near the country’s western border. Both men have gardens and ponds, but only the one man had frogs. He says they moved there on their own from a nearby wetland. On July 1, the frogs began to croak, an annual occurrence that is part of mating season.

"I heard the shooting at night and knew immediately what was going on," Andreas van Straelen, 45, said of his frogs.

He went outside and found his frogs with bullet holes. He wrapped one of the frogs and put it in the freezer as evidence.

The accused, who is not named in the article, wouldn’t comment on the case.

The accused’s lawyer alleges van Straelen shot his own frogs.


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