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Dog Tired

Posted by Boghound on May 22, 2011

Bored dog gets fed up of walkies

Will and Jo Erwin thought Bingo’s number was up when the six-year-old shih tzu disappeared from their home in Lostwithiel, Cornwall.

At the time the Erwins were unaware that Bingo had wandered down to the local railway station and boarded a train.

But after a frantic four-hour search, a passenger on a train found Bingo curled up asleep – 50km (30 miles) away from his owners.

The passenger carried him off the train and took him to a rescue centre in Plympton, Devon.

Staff there saw Bingo’s picture on their missing animal website and he was reunited with owners.

49-year-old Will Erwin says this isn’t the first time the dog has tried to make a break for freedom – he regularly pursues tourists eating their fish and chips.


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