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Posted by Boghound on February 27, 2011

‘David Cameron stole my aunt’s cat’

A London man claims David Cameron has "taken" his aunt’s cat and has launched a Facebook campaign to get him back.

Larry the cat made headlines around the world when he was adopted as Number 10, Downing Street’s new rat catcher.

But Tim Sutcliffe says ‘Larry’ is really ‘Jo’, a stray taken in by his Auntie Margaret who was left devastated when he ran away last October.

Mr Sutcliffe has started a Facebook page to campaign for the cat’s safe return to his aunt, who lives in Bermondsey, London, reports the Daily Mail.

He believes the cat ended up at Battersea Cats Home after running away, before it was re-homed to Downing Street.

"As she didn’t technically own Jo, Battersea were well within their rights to take him, but she is really upset that he’s been taken away from her and she wants him back," he said.

Nearly 500 people have joined the group, with several confirming via the page they had emailed the Prime Minister demanding his return.

Mr Sutcliffe claims the cat wouldn’t let anyone hold him except his aunt, showing the same character traits that saw Larry attack an ITV news team.

Posting on the wall of the group, Ms Sutcliffe wrote: "I still can’t believe that my Jo has ended up being taken into Downing Street.

"I nearly died when I saw him in the papers. I’ve just found some of his cat hair on the sofa, so we can prove it’s Jo with a DNA test if we have to."


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