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Trapped Granny

Posted by Boghound on February 22, 2011

Grandma trapped in her house by massive pile of leaves

The front of her home and her neighbour’s, has been surrounded by a 1metre (3ft) deep pile of leaves driven by decidedly chilly winter winds of more than 112kph (70mph).

Speaking outside her home in Brunswick Park Road, in Wednesbury, West Midlands, the 77-year-old said: ‘I could not even get out my front door on Monday it was so bad. I had to go round the back.

‘It has been like this all week, I have lived here 23 years and I have never seen it like this. I have asked the council for help clearing it off my drive but they said they can only clear leaves from the footpaths.’

It would take one person a full day and at least 50 garden sacks to remove the pile which has blown in from a nearby cemetery.

Neighbour Karen Thomas, 40, who lives in the road, said: ‘We have always had problems – sometimes I find myself having to fill 20 black bags before I can get out the house – but this is the worst ever.’

A major section of the street was finally cleared by a council work team and a large lorry.


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