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Posted by Boghound on January 30, 2011

Woman arrested for mooning cops

A US woman has been arrested – for mooning the police officers who arrested her brother.

Rita Zambrano, 45, of Hamblen County, Tennessee, saw police arresting her brother for driving offences.

She allegedly turned around, dropped her drawers and showed the officers her naked backside, reports Knox News.

Ironically, she is still behind bars, charged with indecent exposure, while her brother Ronnie Waddell, 44, has been released on bail.

Police officer David Gulley said Waddell was arrested after officers saw him driving a car outside of his sister’s apartment.

As he and another officer cuffed Waddell, Gulley said that Zambrano stood in her doorway and harassed the officers.

"She was standing at her door and mooned me through the window on her front door," Gulley said.

Gulley said he was too busy to deal with Zambrano at the time, so he took Waddell to jail, then later issued a warrant for her arrest.

…..Get a life…Officer!!!!


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