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Posted by Boghound on January 19, 2011

Stolen Fur Coat In Knickers For Three Days

STEPHANIE Moreland kept the stolen mink coat in her knickers for three days.

Moreland was pinched by the fuzz on New Year’s Eve by Bloomington Police. The Alaskan Fur Company said one of their $6,500 coats was missing.

A store worker confronts Moreland, who legs it. But she heads off in a car and the shop worker notes the registration plate and hands it to police.

Moreland is arrested. He will spend the weekend in jail. Three days later, the detective asks Moreland where the coat is. She admits theft but says the coat has been sold.  The cop threatens her with a tip to Hennepin County Jail downtown. She responds by lifting up her dress and retrieving the coat from her knickers.

Says Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik:

“She had modified her underwear. She actually cut the rear of the underwear out so that from the back it appeared she was not wearing underwear and then stuffed it down the front.”

For sale: second hand fur jacket. Still warm…


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