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GoDaddy Is Gone!!

Posted by Boghound on January 17, 2011

Website hosting outfit known as GoDaddy has recently joined an elite group of the entertainment industry and paid off congressmen supporting an attempt to suspend American constitutional rights under the guise of fighting digital piracy.

GoDaddy service has officially expressed its support for the recently suggested Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation, which will provide rights owners the sway to effectively take offline sites if it thinks they might so much as think about violating content. The media reports that a spokesperson applauded the authorities for taking decisive, bicameral and bipartisan action.

Executive vice-president of GoDaddy, Christine Jones, claimed during the interview that the suggested legislation would be protecting the intellectual property of hard-working US citizens, businesses and the public from the harm necessarily flowing from the purchase of fake goods. However, the industry observers believe that the service will change its mind after the entertainment industry demands GoDaddy to shut down for hosting something regarded as unauthorized material. The matter is that the new legislation doesn’t actually require anyone to provide any proof. That’s why GoDaddy is in a minority, not only of tech firms, but also public, in supporting this bill – even President Obama has said that he would veto it if it gets that far. However, GoDaddy claims that the United States can’t turn a blind eye to unauthorized conduct on the Internet.

Christine Jones explained that both businesses and consumers in the United States were getting duped, because their intellectual property was being stolen and that the online ecosystem really had a duty to help. She also added that while the United States should not be suppressing free speech, the web still shouldn’t work as the Wild West either. Meanwhile, a grassroots campaign started on Reddit has already seen GoDaddy’s clients vote with their feet. After announcing its support for the new copyright legislation, GoDaddy will be getting a great Christmas present as the sane-thinking Internet turns its back on the firm and switches domain hosting.


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