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Pussy Attack?

Posted by Boghound on November 9, 2010

Mail ban after small cat attack

Royal Mail officials are refusing to put a Portsmouth family’s post through their letterbox in case their cat attacks the postman.

The postal service claims tortoiseshell Lana is a risk to staff after she scratched a postie’s hand, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Instead, the the postman has to knock on the door each morning and Lana’s owner, Carl White, has to collect the mail in person.

And Mr White, 36, and wife Carol, 26, have been told to keep Lana away from the door or face a ban on having post delivered to their home.

He said: "The postman had put the letter through the door and for some reason Lana scratched his hand. She wasn’t being vicious – I think she just saw the hand and was being playful.

"A couple of weeks after the incident we got a letter from Royal Mail to say if we did not keep her away from the door then they will suspend our service.

"I was shocked and thought someone was playing a joke. She’s really docile, I can pick her up like a baby and she won’t bat an eyelid."

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: "We can confirm an employee suffered an injury to a finger after being scratched by a cat while on their deliveries.

"We have contacted the owner to make sure they are aware of the matter and ensure we can continue to safely deliver to the address in the future."


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