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A Bedtime Story?

Posted by Boghound on October 21, 2010

Sleepy bra

A Spanish woman has been arrested after wearing a bra packed with sedatives to steal from men.

Veronica Palmez, 35, put her victims to sleep by using the stash of pills and police claim at least one man died after she spiked his drink.

A police spokesperson said: "We believe she targeted married men who were then too embarrassed to report what happened. We believe there are many more cases of people who woke up with a sore head and relieved of their possessions who did not report it. And in one case we believe a 59-year-old man who was one of the victims did not wake up at all."

Veronica denies ever knowing the man and claims she simply wanted to put her victims to sleep in order to steal their wallets.


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Posted by Boghound on October 20, 2010

Traffic cop charged by wolves

A traffic police officer in Russia had to dive for cover – when a pack of wild wolves started chasing after him on a motorway.

The shocked officer had pulled over a motorist who had a headlight out on the M23 highway, near Rostov-on-Don.

Suddenly, he spotted the pack of maurauding wolves behind him and jumped into the back of the car he had just stopped.

The officer stayed inside the car until the 10-strong pack of wolves had passed by before returning to his patrol car.

Wolves have been in the news in Russia this week following a seperate accident in which wolves attacking shoppers in a Moscow supermarket car park.

The two wolves were caught on camera by passers-by who filmed them scavenging in grocery bags dropped by scared shoppers.

The animals, thought to be grey wolves, appear to have overcome any fear of humans in their search for food

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Bill Wins Again!!

Posted by Boghound on October 19, 2010

Merlin the dolphin prefers PC over Mac

Merlin, the bottlenose dolphin who had his own iPad before the tablet even hit shelves in most countries, has traded in the trendy device for a tougher alternative.

Merlin was using the iPad in June at a dolphin facility in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, identifying objects by tapping the screen with his beak. It’s all a part of the SpeakDolphin project that aims to build a complete language interface between humans and dolphins.

But when it comes to teaching dolphins how to communicate with humans, Windows is apparently the superior operating system.

After trying out a few different tablets, SpeakDolphin chose to use Panasonic’s Toughbook 30 notebook and Toughbook 19 convertible tablet.

“He was more comfortable with the Toughbook experience, which offered greater screen visibility and sensitivity. We were able to hold the Toughbook notebooks closer to the water and our bodies, which makes the dolphin more comfortable and willing to interact and learn,” said Jack Kassewitz, president of SpeakDolphin.

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I’ve Had Enough?

Posted by Boghound on October 18, 2010

Partner stabs grandmom for ‘nagging for 30 years’

Grandmother Judith Scott, 62, was found with a knife sticking out of her chest at her home  after a 999 call by Dennis Long, the Daily Mail reported.

Long, who denies a charge of murder, told police in the emergency call that he had killed her, saying: ‘I just lost it. She gave me grief so I knifed her.’ 
Prosecutors claim Long, 59, murdered Scott in North Shields in March this year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Long had returned home from watching Newcastle play Bristol City at a pub, and was upset at receiving abuse from a man on his way home.

Later that night, an argument flared between the pair and Long stabbed her to death before dialling 999.

Former plumber Long does not dispute inflicting the fatal injuries, but claims he was provoked by Scott being abusive towards him and repeatedly nagging him.

Long said Scott would lash out at him during frequent rows, hitting him with her fists, hurling ornaments at him and regularly attacking him with a heavy poker.

Asked how many times he had been hit with the poker, he  said: ‘Over 30 years, dozens of times’.

Long said: ‘She started calling me weak, she said I was weak, it was constant, I would go out and come back in and it would start again.
‘She said I was weak, a pansy, a poof, she said she should wear the trousers and I should wear a dress, she kept going on saying I was weak.

‘I snapped. I remember looking at the knife, I remember seeing the knife but between that and standing in front of her I don’t know. It was peaceful. There was no sound, it was just quiet.
‘I do remember thrusting the knife.’

Mrs Scott’s daughter, Kerry Scott, told jurors she had seen her mother being nasty to Long but said she couldn’t believe her stepfather, who ‘hated violence’, had killed her.

Miss Scott, 37, who said her children regarded Long as their grandfather, added: ‘When police said my mum was dead I was shocked, even more so when they said Dennis had been arrested for it.’
The trial continues.

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Who Can Blame Him??

Posted by Boghound on October 17, 2010

Englishman fined for racism after insulting Welsh policeman

Lorry driver Royce Mackett, 51, called in police after his mobile phone was stolen.

But a court heard he had a "heated" exchange when two officers from South Wales police arrived to investigate.

Prosecutor Lucy Dowdall said: "He told them: ‘I don’t like you because you’re Welsh, you’re breathing and you’re here’."

Mackett was charged with using racially aggravated threatening words by magistrates in Rhondda, South Wales.

The court heard Mackett was an Englishman who had moved to live in the Welsh valleys for work – but was now living off disability benefits after a traffic accident.

Mackett spelt out his address in Aberllechau Road, Rhondda, in court after telling magistrates he could not pronounce the Welsh names.

Anthony Ormond, defending, said: "He was slightly aggrieved at the lack of progress being made by the officers.

"Yes, there were insulting words of a racist element but there was no violence offered to the officers."

Mackett was fined £35 with £85 costs after admitting using racially aggravated threatening words.

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Play The Game!!

Posted by Boghound on October 16, 2010

German footballer sneakily gropes female referee

A football player in Germany has been caught sneakily groping the boobs of a female referee — during a game on live TV.

Hertha Berlin defender Peter Niemeyer claims the incident was an accident, but many claim this TV footage suggests otherwise.

Niemeyer was playing in the second division Bundesliga game against Alemannia Aachen and after a ruling from ref Bibiana Steinhaus, says he went to pat her on the back.

But Steinhaus – who was refereeing her first live TV match – had stepped backwards meaning the player instead ended up cupping her left breast. He didn’t end up scoring… the game ended 0-0.

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Posted by Boghound on October 15, 2010

Cow rescue

Fire-fighters in England have rescued a cow that fell ten feet down a well.

The one-year-old bovine landed in the muddy water at the bottom of the well without severe injury, and was rescued by a total of 11 experts.

Adam Martin, a rural safety officer and crew manager from Wiltshire, said: "The cow was in an extremely confined space and would have been very frightened by what had happened, so the challenge was to get her sedated and then lifted free.

"The water was drained from the well, which allowed the vet access to carry out sedation."
The cow is now believed to be recovering well.

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Posted by Boghound on October 14, 2010

Pensioner drives down railway platform

After taking a wrong turn, the confused OAP ended up on the London-bound platform of Esher Station in Surrey and drove 75 yards down it in his Saab, with his wife in the passenger seat.

Chaos ensued, with passengers jumping out of the way and a Waterloo train timetabled to stop passing straight through on safety grounds.

Astonished onlookers quickly dialled 999 and British Transport Police eventually managed to manoeuvre the car back onto a public road.

Eye-witness Suzan Baker, 47, of Esher, said she was gobsmacked by what she saw. She told the Daily Mail: ‘I was absolutely amazed when I saw the car on the platform. It was not what you expect to see.

‘Everyone was doing a double take and wondering what on earth the car was doing there.

‘When I got to the platform, the car was parked and the man was standing outside.

‘He looked so mortified and embarrassed. He had driven the entire length of the platform, bless him, then reached the point where he could not go any further forward.’

The man passed a breathalyser test, but was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

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Not Too Bright!!

Posted by Boghound on October 13, 2010

Pizza driver falls for ‘mom is in the shower’ scam

A pizza driver made a delivery Tuesday to a house in Hoquiam where a child answered the door, took the pizza and said his mother was in the shower and would be out to pay soon. KBKW reported the driver waited about 30 minutes before calling police.

Officers found the house was vacant and the child apparently escaped with the pizza out the back door.

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Don’t Disturb

Posted by Boghound on October 12, 2010

Sleepy bear in tree challenges firefighters

Firefighters in Bend, Ore., are trained for rescues – even for saving a 300-pound black bear passed out 60 feet up a tree.

Police say the bear was knocking over trash cans and making other mischief Monday night in a city neighborhood before it scrambled up the tree. KTVZ-TV says Fish and Wildlife workers went to remove it and shot it with multiple tranquilizers because of its size.

After the bear nodded off, two firefighters climbed up and put harnesses on it, then took their time carefully lowering the bear to safety.

Bend fire engineer Tom Edwards tells the TV station it all went well.

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