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Posted by Boghound on October 20, 2010

Traffic cop charged by wolves

A traffic police officer in Russia had to dive for cover – when a pack of wild wolves started chasing after him on a motorway.

The shocked officer had pulled over a motorist who had a headlight out on the M23 highway, near Rostov-on-Don.

Suddenly, he spotted the pack of maurauding wolves behind him and jumped into the back of the car he had just stopped.

The officer stayed inside the car until the 10-strong pack of wolves had passed by before returning to his patrol car.

Wolves have been in the news in Russia this week following a seperate accident in which wolves attacking shoppers in a Moscow supermarket car park.

The two wolves were caught on camera by passers-by who filmed them scavenging in grocery bags dropped by scared shoppers.

The animals, thought to be grey wolves, appear to have overcome any fear of humans in their search for food


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