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Women Drivers!!!

Posted by Boghound on October 4, 2010

Motorist gets herself into a tight squeeze

This motorist managed the impossible after squeezing herself in between a barrier and a passing truck.

She found herself in the unexpected predicament after stopping for petrol and then trying to return to the main road in Germany.

35-year-old Gabriele Bayer, from Sittensen, apparently misjudged the amount of slip road she had available to her after a visit to a petrol station, which led to this strange predicament.

The hapless driver soon found her Renault saloon car sandwich between the huge truck and a crash barrier – or crush barrier, if you will.

A police officer at the scene believes it was lucky no one in the vehicle – which included various members of her family – was hurt in the incident.

‘Her car was dragged for about 150 metres along the top of the barrier with herself, two children and her 78-year-old mother inside,’ he said.

‘They were all pretty lucky to walk away from it.’


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