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Banker’s get “Finger”

Posted by Boghound on September 29, 2010

t’s a feeling that many of us can no doubt sympathise with – giving the finger to bankers. But one Italian artist has taken it to extreme lengths.

The extreme length he’s taken it to, in fact, is 30 feet – because that’s the height of the statue that he’s created of an extended middle finger, pointed towards his country’s financial gurus.

Artist Maurizio Cattelan will officially unveil this graphic message to Italy’s money men in front of Milan’s stock exchange’.

Cattelan insists that it’s not the outright insult it may appear, saying: ‘Officially it’s name is L.O.V.E. So it stands for love – but everyone can read between the lines and take away the message they see for themselves.’

Cattelan is not exactly a stranger to controversial art – he has previously shocked the public with exhibits of Adolf Hitler praying and a famous statue of Pope John Paul II being struck by a meteor.


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