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Horsing Around!!

Posted by Boghound on September 21, 2010

Horses ridden into South London pub

A local council has closed a pub in South London after horses were ridden into it on several occasions.

The Cross Keys was also overwhelmed by a group of 100 people two weeks ago, which resulted in the establishment losing its license.

Video footage shows the riders entering the pub on horseback. Horses were ridden into the pub by travellers in separate incidents in April, June and July, police told Bexley council.

"It was like being in the Wild West," a drinker was quoted as saying. "One moment you’re sitting down having a pint and a bag of nuts and then horses come in through the door.

"I had to check someone hadn’t spiked my drink."
Landlord Derek McKenzie, 68, had his licence revoked because it was judged that he "could not control the situation".

McKenzie had told the council hearing that the horses were only in the pub "for a matter of seconds" before he escorted them out and told the riders not to come in "like cowboys".

He claimed that the riders had also caused problems in the town and that the council and police had chosen not to take action against them.


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